What Self-Love Means to Me

February 8, 2021

What Self-Love Means to Me

My dear friends,

One of the silver linings of this past year, with added isolation and limited social interaction, has been having the time and the space to reflect on my relationship with myself. I’ve always felt that the most important relationship we can have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves, but this feels even more true after all that has transpired over these past 12 months.

It’s so common to get wrapped up in our external relationships; friendships, family, and romantic partnerships. We often place so much of our attention on cultivating, honoring, and caring for these relationships, and that’s a beautiful thing.

This week, I wish to ask you, truthfully, how much time do you spend nurturing the relationship you have with yourself?

When I think about self-love, I think about that question. I think about this deep desire that I have to know myself, understand myself, and accept myself in every given moment.

So often we equate self-love to an over-the-top enamoring of ourselves, and idolizing affirmations that make us feel larger than life. And, of course, that can be part of it. But for me, a more grounded, rooted, relationship with self, feels more manageable and tangible in daily life, especially during difficult moments.

I started thinking about tallying up the ways self-love comes into my life, in hopes of honoring this practice, and helping you all to see how subtle, and how powerful this practice can be.

For me, self-love is…

…connecting with myself on a daily basis

….setting feel-good boundaries

…practicing healthy and clear communication

…speaking my truth when called to do so

…trusting myself

…knowing it’s okay to say no to things that aren’t aligned

…holding the intention of understanding myself and my desires

…releasing perfectionistic tendencies

…remembering that every day brings new experiences and no feeling is ever final

…honoring my purpose in this world and knowing that I am here for a reason

…remembering that expressing joy is an act of self-care

…knowing that in every single moment, I am always enough

…reminding myself that I am always worthy of my hopes and dreams

…trusting that in each new day I’ll be presented with new ways to love myself even more

I’d love to hear how you love and care for yourself, if you feel called, please share in the comments! Sending you all so much love and gratitude.

xo, Michelle


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