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My dear friends,

This week I want to share something fun that I’ve been marinating in since the start of this year. Most of you know that my New Year’s ritual is to choose an intention to word to guide me through the calendar year ahead. I was feeling a big shift in energy towards the end of last year and into 2023; I felt a lightness and positivity that had been missing since the start of Covid and the pandemic era. This is why I chose the word ‘fun’ for 2023. Life has been so serious, chaotic, and uncertain; both in our personal lives and in the world. The idea of ‘fun’ felt like a nice, welcome change.

Going along with this intention for the year, I started to pick up on a trend on TikTok: Lucky Girl Syndrome. Usually, I scroll TikTok to be entertained and sometimes educated, but rarely do I take life advice from the social media app. I did start to see many videos on my feed talking about ‘lucky girl syndrome’, and for whatever reason, it piqued my interest. Essentially, this trend is a spin off of the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and the power of positive thinking; all things that we’ve discussed here on the blog and are not new concepts. But because it was going around as ‘lucky girl syndrome,’ I was intrigued.

Lucky Girl Syndrome, the way it is being described online, is the belief that everything is always working out in our favor; essentially believing that you are the luckiest person on the planet. Like I said, this concept of thinking isn’t new, but because of the hardships of these past few years, this mentality really resonated with me, because in my mind I thought, “why not?”

If you read this blog, you are clearly in the mindset of personal development and self-care; you know about the tools and the practices. What would happen if we started to shift our mindsets, which generally is geared toward the negative, into something more optimistic?

I’ve been dabbling in this mindset for the past few weeks, and I can definitely see a shift in my overall mood and outlook on life. My life isn’t magically upside down, but the simple belief of possibility and unexpected good news is enough for me to want to continue with it.

As a caveat, though, I want to reiterate that I do not look at this trend as a fix all for life. I also think it’s important to look at it through the lens of understanding that life as we know it does not treat all of us fairly and justly. We are not living from the same set of circumstances, and oftentimes, concepts of manifestation ignore that reality.

What I know to be true, however, is that we will never be able to control what happens around us, this is fact. Our power lies in our ability to cultivate our thinking, and manage our responses to what happens externally. Living life with a mindset of luck, possibility, and hopefulness, feels aligned for me in this new year, and I hope it serves you all too.

xo, Michelle

P.S. This is a great affirmation: “Life is working for me not against me.”

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