The Practice in the Morning: Waking Up

Waking Up, a practice of daily morning meditation, taps into your inner source of strength and wisdom. These quiet minutes establish your intention to be present and mindful in your day.

Your morning meditation helps to calm, center, and empower you as you establish a peaceful state of mind. A peaceful mind leads to a peaceful life—the heart of our work at Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life.

The Waking Up Meditation practice accommodates your busy lifestyle. If you’re new to a meditation practice, start with five minutes. After a week, begin to add more time each day, aiming for 30 minutes. We recommend reading more about the Waking Up Meditation now.

Countless variations for meditating exist. If you already meditate, feel free to use your current method in Waking Up or adapt elements of the Waking Up Meditation.

Waking Up, as part of The Practice, connects with your inner peace before you launch into your day. Embrace this simple morning routine and discover its life-changing benefits!

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