Using Intentions to Transform Your Life


“You are what your deepest desire is, as your desire is, so is your intention, as your intention is, so is your will, as your will is, so is your deed, as your deed is, so is your destiny.”  Upanishads

When seasons change, when I start a new project, when I embark on an adventure, or even when I begin a yoga class, I love to partake in the practice of setting intentions. As you all are aware, we just entered the summer season, a new chapter for 2017, so it felt right to cover intention setting to mark the occasion!

Intentions are a powerful tool that can truly help transform your life, no matter what your circumstances.

So what exactly is an intention? How is it different than a goal? How do you know what intention is right for you at this moment? You’re in luck. We are going to go through the intention-setting process this week step-by-step, so you can feel clear, confident, and empowered to cultivate whatever you truly desire for your life.

WHAT: An intention is a soul’s desire, the starting point of a dream, and a determination from deep within. Differing from a goal, intentions brew inside us. They stem from the internal. They are our soul’s way of speaking to us. I view intentions as little whispers from our intuition, guiding us on where to place our focus. Intentions show us where we want to place our priorities, and how we want to spend our time. They are also the building blocks to manifesting all the outward goals you have for your life.

WHY: Intention setting is a powerful practice that gets you in tune with your soul’s true desires. It declares them to yourself and to the universe, and acts as a guide for you along your journey in life. Every action we take in life starts with some sort of intention, whether we recognize it or not. When we are aware of this, we are empowered and feel massively creative with our lives.


1. Connect for clarity. Take a few moments to close your eyes, breathe, and connect with your intuition and your higher self. Ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Notice what answers come to you. Try not to overthink or micromanage the response. Allow whatever comes to you. Take note.

2. Choose a word. I love choosing a simple, solitary word as my intention. It feels powerful and makes a statement. Based on your experiences while connecting with yourself, choose a word that feels aligned with you, with what’s happening for you right now, and what feels right.

3. Remember to be positive. Rather than focusing on the things that you do not want, try to stay in the positive of what you are trying to call in or enhance in your life. Remember this intention is your guide, your aim in your life right now. What you put out into the world with your intention, you will receive back.

4. Affirm your intention to yourself and to the universe. This is a declaration of your desires. Make sure you feel confident in it. Own it!

5. Take aligned actions. Start to notice what is and is not in alignment with what you really want. Give yourself the freedom to say no to the things that no longer serve you, while saying yes to what does!

6. Release the outcome. You may feel compelled to try to control how your life plays out with your new intentions. Try to avoid holding on too tightly to them. Intentions work best when affirmed, claimed, and then also released. I like to think of it as an equal partnership with the universe, you have done your work, now you can let the universe catch up and meet you half way.

I hope this process of intention setting helps you in getting clear on what you want, and helps you feel empowered to bringing it into your life in a fun and simple way! Even though it is so simple, intentions are truly powerful, and I cannot wait for all the transformations to come into your life!

I’d love to know what words you choose for your intentions. If you’re up for sharing, let me know in the comments. I’ll share mine too!

xoxo, Michelle





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