Uncovering Your Authentic Self


This past week I presented a workshop on finding your authentic self with my trusted sidekick, my mom. I received so much feedback and requests for more, from those who weren’t able to make it, that I decided, why not turn our discussion into this week’s blog!

It was our intention for this workshop to provide concrete practices, which we all can incorporate into our lives, to truly tap into the amazingly, unique people we really are.

I have a soft spot in my heart for this workshop, as it wasn’t too long ago that I felt completely disconnected from my real self. Nothing in my external life was matching my innermost desires, and it left me feeling anxious, sad, frustrated, misunderstood, lonely, and sometimes even, depressed. It makes perfect sense that I would feel this way. I wasn’t being true to who I really was, and I was completely ignoring the real me.

The saving grace was tapping into my feelings, asking myself some important questions, and cultivating a deeper sense of awareness. This was key for me to begin making small shifts to realign myself.

Many of us, at one point or another in life, find ourselves questioning who we are, examining why we’ve made the choices that we’ve made, and wondering what our purpose actually is in this life. Asking ourselves these kinds of existential questions is important! These questions can feel scary or daunting, but remember, the answers give you all the clues you need to figure out this game of life.

In our workshop we did a lot of journaling and writing exercises. I’d love for you to experience that too, so grab your journal and a pen. Settle in for some personal excavation into your most authentic self.

Ask yourself these questions in your journal. Don’t try to edit what comes to mind, and don’t try to write what you think are the correct answers, let the pen come to paper and allow whatever comes to mind onto the page:

Who am I?

What do I really, really want?

What do I value?

What do I wish to achieve in this life?

What does an ideal day look like? (Be as descriptive as possible)

What are my dreams? (Think of your ideals for your relationships, your work, your home, your family, your community, etc.)

Make a list of people you admire or even feel envious of sometimes. Take inventory of their qualities and traits. Are they doing something you wish you could be doing in life?

How do you envision yourself in 5 years?

Allow these questions to be a framework for the answers that you seek about yourself. Be curious about your answers. Did anything come up that is surprising to you?

Start to think about some small actions you can take that can bring you more into alignment with what you’ve written down. Perhaps it’s taking a dance class for fun, or getting back in the kitchen to cook. It could even be calling someone who makes you feel safe and supported. Notice how you feel when you take actions that are in alignment with who you really are. Then remember to keep doing it.

Remember, we are all constantly in a state of becoming who we really are. This is a lifelong practice and journey of uncovering, discovering, growing, and changing. It’s a beautiful practice when we lean back and allow what is to come through.

xo, Michelle

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