The One Habit That Robs You of Happiness


Dear friends,

Although we are different and unique people, fulfilling incredibly amazing purposes on this earth, we all share a common desire: happiness. We all want to be happy, feel fulfilled, and have a sense of satisfaction when it comes to our lives and the legacies we leave.

In my opinion, happiness isn’t all of a sudden obtained one day magically as if out of nowhere, it is continuously cultivated throughout life’s journey.

Sometimes on this journey we get in our own way and block the happiness and things we truly seek. There is one common habit that I have been witnessing everywhere, within everyone, that is completely robbing people of their joy, clarity, purpose, and even their sense of reality.

The habit in question is comparison, but more specifically, comparison within social media, and the lives we portray on the internet.

Comparing ourselves to others is nothing new. We know it leads us down dark, sad roads. I think that there is a new genre of comparison in this era that stems from social media and the internet. Never before have we been so connected with one another.  We are able to share every thought, idea, photo, and experience. I think it’s truly wonderful to have this connection, but it also sets us up for some serious comparison and competition.

Where social media is concerned, you often hear about the race to get the most likes, followers, and shares. You hear about people wanting to experience Instagrammable moments, be involved in trendy photographable experiences, and always being camera ready. You hear about people communicating about the perfection of their lives, and you only see a one-sided story through their lens of what they want you to see.

This week, my desire is to help you all cope with the comparative thoughts we all have, so that we can truly get back onto the path of happiness. Whenever you start to compare yourself to others remember:

―Your path is your own.

―You are exactly where you need to be in this moment.

―You are good enough and capable enough to achieve what you desire.

―There is room for everyone to achieve their dreams.

―One person’s success doesn’t take away from your own.

―You do not have to conform to anyone else’s timeline.

―Trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should.

When social media starts to trigger comparison:

―Know your limits and triggers.

―Come up with creative affirmations to counteract any negative thoughts.

―Replace internet time with self-care practices.

―Set boundaries for time spent on social media.

―Know that life is not meant to be picture perfect in every moment.

―Remember that social media is a highlight reel, not the full picture of people’s lives.

―Realize life is not meant to be picture perfect in every moment.

I hope this helps you begin to notice and curtail comparing thoughts! Remember you are amazing and unique just as you are! We all love hearing and seeing from you everyday in your own authentic way.

xo, Michelle

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