Living the Life of Your Dreams

December 15, 2013


One of the first things we learn when embarking on a spiritual practice is the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts have a very profound influence on how your life unfolds. We know that what you create in your mind, you put out into the Universe; you are what you think. Your thoughts create your life. In our hearts we know this to be true, but our brains have a difficult time coming to terms with this. Our egos get in the way and say, no way, I can think whatever I want, no big deal. Of course, our practice and our work is bringing our minds out of ego-based thinking and into a place of love and positivity. It’s holiday time, which means gift giving, family togetherness, travel and parties. This also means comparisons, feelings of being less-than, and loneliness, which leads to the dreaded “lack” mentality, the ego creeping in and filling our minds with fear-based thoughts.

It can be at the times of greatest positivity that our biggest insecurities are highlighted. Many of us have an innate fear of not being good enough, myself included. When we get into the mindset that life is all a game to be won, and we have the possibility of losing that game, we bring more negativity into our lives.

This week, let’s focus on flipping that switch from negative to positive: from living-in-lack to living-in-abundance. Below are four tips that you can incorporate into your life to help make this great shift and begin to live the life of your wildest dreams.

  1. Notice and be present to when you are getting into your “lack” mentality. Maybe a certain person or situation enhances this feeling. Simply being aware of these feelings and what triggers them is the first powerful step towards shifting to the positive.
  2. Let go of judgments toward yourself when these thought patterns occur. When we find ourselves thinking negative thoughts, we tend to go down a negative thought spiral, getting down on ourselves for feeling or thinking this way to begin with. Combating a negative with a negative certainly won’t make a positive! Let go of your judgmental thoughts you have against yourself and simply accept that in this moment, this is how you feel.
  3. Release the need to compete or even keep up with others. Life is not a race or competition. One person finding success does not take away from the possibilities of you reaching your goals and being happy. We are all meant to co-exist on this earth and work together towards creating one peaceful, positive place. Although it might seem difficult, work towards letting go of the need to keep up or even get ahead of those around you. This thought process will only keep you stuck in lack.
  4. Offer up gratitude whenever possible. When you get into a negative slump, replace your negative with a positive. If you’re feeling less than, flip the switch and find something in your life you are grateful for. We all always have something in our lives to be grateful for. If you need help with this, take some time and jot down a list of things in your life that really bring you happiness. Keep this list with you, and in times of lack or sadness, refer to the list and send out thanks for all that is on it.

Life is all about progress and practice. We are not meant to be perfect with how we think or how we live, but always have the intention to be better and do better. This week, how will you practice letting go of that lack mentality and bringing in more positive thoughts to your life? Let us know!

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