The Importance of Responsibility


My dear friends,

Like so many of you, I have become deeply reflective when we near the close of a calendar year. But this year, I find myself especially wrapped up in lessons learned from a year of massive difficulty and struggle. As I’m sure is similar for you, there is so much that I hope shifts and changes in the new year. I wish for us to take all that we have learned from this seemingly endless struggle and make life better.

The thing about changing the world and changing our lives is that it really requires a majority participation. I read a meme recently equating life to a school group project, where we all have to pitch in to get that end grade, and I feel that deeply about the times we live in today.

I believe that it’s up to us, on a personal level, to take extra care and responsibility for our role in the world: how we act, how we think, what we share with the world, and the energy that emanates from every one of us. This is our responsibility, especially in times of deep uncertainty and division.

What does responsibility look like? For me, it’s accountability. Knowledge. Knowing when to admit you’re wrong. It’s understanding. Responsibility is an intuition of knowing how to act and when to speak. ┬áResponsibility is deeply personal, it’s a relationship that we cultivate within ourselves, and is so necessary.

When I start to own how I present myself to the world, and you do, too, a ripple of accountability and intention will span through our world. Life just feels better and more trustworthy that way, don’t you think?

Lately, I practice responsibility by listening to my intuition, if I say or do something off, I feel it, and I know I need to make amends. I make conscientious efforts to stay educated on important facts so that I can be more understanding. And every day, I make a conscientious effort to release judgments of others who may think or be different from me, and cultivate understanding and compassion. This is all work on our part, but I promise it’s worth it.

With a new chapter for all of us on the horizon, how will you begin to practice taking responsibility?

xo, Michelle

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