The Importance of Flexibility… and Not Just in the Body!


Being a yoga teacher, flexibility is always on my brain. Every time I step into a yoga class, I go inward and feel where my body is on that day. Depending on so many external factors, my own flexibility in my body ranges greatly. Some days I feel like I can easily get into the craziest of poses, other days it’s like I’ve been stagnant for weeks and my body just doesn’t want to move, at all. The ebb and flow of this practice helps me to truly understand the importance of flexibility, space, and movement in the body—which then translates to flexibility in life. My yoga practice brings so many wonderful benefits into my life, but one of the things I truly value most are the lessons that it teaches me on the mat that I can then relate to my everyday life.

What has come up in my practice lately is the idea of flexibility. Flexibility in life is so very important. We live in a world that makes us believe that rigidity and strict guidelines are the only way to live, and live successfully. If we aren’t structured, and if we don’t do things a certain way, then life as we know it is a failure. Can you imagine how the world would be if that were actually true? While I’m not discounting the idea of structure and security, I am highlighting the value in letting go just a bit. Having flexibility means having the right to an opinion, the right to make decisions, and even the right to change your decision after the fact!

So, this week let’s open up and stretch into the notion of being flexible in our lives and noticing all the positives that come in from just being open to these new possibilities. Check out these tips below on maintaining that openness and flexibility in all aspects of your life. Let us know how this works for you and what you can do to bring more ease and space to your life.

  1. Let go of the “shoulds,” the “coulds,” and the “woulds.” A surefire way to keep your life small and limited is by living based on preconceived notions and ideals. Create your own life and follow your own guidelines. Go inward and find what works and feels best for you. Trust your inner guide.
  2. Give yourself permission to make decisions. Many of us have a fear of disappointing others, so we push off decision making onto others. When you give up your voice in this way, you shut down that inner guide and knowingness. You basically tell yourself that you don’t trust your own opinion. Start making decisions, even the smallest ones, and truly believe and trust in them.
  3. Allow yourself the option to change your mind. When we finally make decisions or commitments we think they are absolutely binding. If you feel in your heart that you need to make a change, allow yourself the option to make that change. Live your life in your own truth and speak up if there are parts of your life that you need to shift.
  4. Be open to infinite possibilities. Instinctively, we like to stay in our comfort zones of what we know and what we are familiar with. Some of the most magical parts of life come when we tiptoe just outside of that comfort zone and explore and experience new things. This is the essence of being flexible in life: letting go and being open to an abundance of possibilities.
  5. Release your judgments of how you think you should be. If this concept of flexibility (in your body and in your life) is difficult for you, don’t quickly dismiss it because it’s a little challenging. Release those notions that you can’t be a certain way and just be open to this idea. Anything is possible if you set forth your intentions towards it. By simply bringing this into your consciousness, you are already letting the Universe know you are ready for a positive shift.

After incorporating some of these ideas into your life, let us know how this works for you! Do you feel more positive when you create space and let go?

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