The 4 Golden Rules of Positive Relationships

June 30, 2013


Our lives are made up of so many different aspects. In every day and every way, we try to better each and every aspect of our lives. We diligently strive to better ourselves, we work on connecting to our inner selves to live out our true callings, and we venture to find a community, a support system to surround ourselves with to help make us feel loved and secure. A large part of our lives focus on with whom to spend our lives. Relationships are such a crucial aspect of our lives; we are always in search of additions to our “tribe,” our clan that brings us happiness and joy. We base parts of our identity on those people we choose to surround ourselves with.

So, given all of this, how do we choose the people in our lives? Do we choose people that lift us up? Or ones that bring us down? Do we find people that influence and push us in positive directions? Or do we get a pull towards those who bring out our weaknesses? Changing whom we spend our time with can have such a powerful impact. I know for myself personally, I can really spot differences in my attitude and behavior when I am with loving, supportive, and inspiring people.

How can we make sure we have that support system that serves our highest and greatest good? Take note of these ideas below to consider on creating positive relationships in your own life.

  1. Notice How People Make You Feel. Our instincts and intuitions are so much stronger than we give credit. Be present to how people make you feel on the inside. So many times we let our outer beings dictate who we want to be around based on material and external qualities. If deep down in your core, someone makes you feel bad about yourself, that’s a clear sign this person is not going to serve your highest and greatest good.
  2. Let Go of Those Who Bring You Down. We all have those people in our lives that seem to be a drag or an emotional vampire. We feel like we have to keep them in our lives to be “good people” or compassionate to others. While I’m not saying its wrong to be compassionate, it’s also important to practice self-love. If you have someone in your life that is consistently bringing you down, it might be time to lovingly start to step away from them in your day to day life.
  3. Be Open and Receptive. Many of us have images in our minds of who our social circle “should” be. We think we need to be friends with this group of people to feel accepted and on trend. Try being open to everyone, you might be surprised with who might come into your life.
  4. Add Variety Into Your Life. As a child, my mom would always tell me to broaden my social circles. I always had a small amount of friends who I relied on for everything, and that sometimes got me into trouble. Now, I like to have many friends in a variety of social circles. It adds diversity and variety into my life, and I always feel like I have someone to talk to in any given situation.

Do you have a strong, positive social circle? What have you done in the past to make sure the people in your life serve your highest and greatest good? Let us know!

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