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3 Reminders for Stressful Times

Whenever I take myself into a stressful hole, I always really, really appreciate when a loved one or a mentor gives me a little nudge or a reminder that helps to lift my spirits. Life can feel stressful, life can be incredibly difficult, and I know you know that we...

4 Habits That Add Stress to Your Life

In almost every conversation I have with friends, family, or acquaintances, the topic of managing stress habitually comes up. If I were to poll all of you reading this article right now on what is bothering you the most, I imagine a majority of you would answer something related to stress, and...

The Importance of the Mantra

  At Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, we strive to give you tools that you can use throughout your everyday lives to promote peace and happiness. Last week, we discussed the importance of meditation. Now to add on to that foundation, we will discuss mantra repetition. One of the most important...

Editors Pick

The Practice by Barb Schmidt

Barb offers readers life-changing spiritual guidance in an easy to follow format, and what makes this book so magnificent is that she has infused her own stories and struggles to help readers connect and learn.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles