6 Affirmations I’m Using in the New Year

Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope the start of 2023 has brought you a renewed feeling of optimism, hope, and peace. If not, I hope you find comfort in knowing that it’s normal to feel even more pressure at the beginning of the new year. Society advertises things like,...

15 Uplifting Affirmations for the Holiday Season

My Dear friends, I know that we can all agree the holiday season brings up a wide array of emotions, and at times, it can feel overwhelming. For me personally, this year has felt extra challenging, so I have been relying heavily on my tools and practices to keep me...

6 Ways to Become Trustworthy

My dear friends, The ability to cultivate and sustain trust is one of the most challenging and important part of relationships. So often we think about how we can cultivate trust in the people around us, and it’s usually not always easy. But what does it mean to actually be...

My Favorite Thing About Boundaries

My dear friends, Here on the blog, we’ve often chatted about the topic of boundaries and why they are an important aspect of self-care. This week, I want to talk more about boundaries, and an aspect of the practice I’ve found to really benefit my life.  Often when we think...

A New Lesson I Learned About Grief

My dear friends, If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that when I was 21-years-old, my dad unexpectedly passed away. This past summer marked the 15-year anniversary of his death. I’ve been very open and honest here about how I manage my relationship with grief and...

5 Positive Affirmations for New Beginnings

Dear friends, For those of us in the US, we are saying goodbye to the Summer season and preparing for Fall. With this changing of the seasons comes back to school, new projects, and oftentimes, new routines. No matter where you live in the world, the change of seasons provides...

Editors Pick

The Practice by Barb Schmidt

Barb offers readers life-changing spiritual guidance in an easy to follow format, and what makes this book so magnificent is that she has infused her own stories and struggles to help readers connect and learn.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles