Give Yourself Permission

Dear friends, As children, we are taught to always ask permission. You want to go somewhere? Ask permission. You want to eat something? Ask permission. You want to do something? Ask permission. You want to see a friend? Ask permission. Permission was always asked before doing anything, at least if...

Remembering Your Dreams

Happy Sunday, my sweet friends! This week I hope to keep the blog short and sweet. I had a difficult week last week. There wasn’t just one thing that was getting me down, a combination of all the life’s difficulties just hit me a little harder than usual. It felt...

My Favorite Practice for Achieving My Goals

There are few things as frustrating in life as feeling stuck and unable to fully reach goals or manifest desires. There was a time when I lived in that stuck, struggle place, and it was so unpleasant, challenging, and annoying. I’ve encountered resistance in my life, and I tend to...

Editors Pick

The Practice by Barb Schmidt

Barb offers readers life-changing spiritual guidance in an easy to follow format, and what makes this book so magnificent is that she has infused her own stories and struggles to help readers connect and learn.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles