5 Affirmations for Cultivating Self-Love

Hello dear friends. Whenever I begin to write my blogs, I silently ask myself what would be the most useful and helpful for the people who will read it. I then think about my life: the main themes, challenges, and lessons that have been popping up. Of course, current events...

7 Affirmations for Difficult Times.

Hello my dear friends! I hope this week has brought you some unexpected smiles and some slivers of joy even during this hardship. It can feel really challenging when we are continuously bogged down in the “negative” to find those glimmers of hope and positivity. We never know what life...

10 Affirmations to Boost Your Mood

  I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you think.” In theory, it makes sense, but have you ever really stopped to ponder what this means? Have you ever really considered the power of your thoughts? We have thousands and thousands of...

The Practice – Overcoming Regret

It’s a new day. Everything that has happened before this moment is gone. All we have is right now. Ideally, every day we’d wake up in the morning full with this mindset. We’d be full of gusto, loving life, and everything involved in it. In reality, this isn’t always the...

Editors Pick

The Practice by Barb Schmidt

Barb offers readers life-changing spiritual guidance in an easy to follow format, and what makes this book so magnificent is that she has infused her own stories and struggles to help readers connect and learn.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles