“Spring Cleaning” for the Mind, Body and Home


Spring is here! Energetically, spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. We’ve made it through the dreary winter months, and now have the time to start fresh with this new season. The weather is nicer and in general, people’s moods are friendlier. What a perfect time to get our ducks in a row and clear out of “stuff” that we’ve been holding onto over the past few months. There’s a reason why there’s the coined term “spring cleaning.” It’s so important and helpful to get our spaced cleared out: mentally, physically, and emotionally to create new space for more groovy things to come into our lives. Look through this little check list I have for you below, and see what areas you could stand to clear out to start fresh this season.

1. Mentally. Have you been mindful of your thoughts? Are you still feeling down and out of sorts? Shift those thoughts from negative to positive, and be dedicated to a healthier mindset. We’ve heard so often how important our thoughts are, so make sure you’re putting this into practice! Use whatever tools work for you to nip any negativity or low-vibe thinking in the bud, and you’ll find the mental clarity and peace you’re striving for.
2. Physically. This is a two-pronged section, where we analyze ourselves physically in the terms of our bodies and health, and physically in our spaces around us. Are you still standing idly by waiting to get your health on track? Have you been putting off your exercise or healthy eating habits? Make a promise to yourself to take small steps to love your body and treat it well. Also importantly, clear out your physical space around you of any clutter that is no longer needed. Go through your closets, your storage spaces, book shelves, etc. and really be truthful with yourself in finding items that really are no longer needed. Donate what’s left over for a double whammy of positive vibes.
3. Emotionally. Are you holding on to something from your past: a relationship, a situation, a trauma? Are you stuck in a mindset that keeps you from living your life to the fullest? Gently work on releasing any emotions that you feel are keeping you stuck and keeping you playing small. Mentally begin to realize that this is your time to start fresh. Make yourself a priority and take the steps needed to let go.

What are some things you can clear out of your life? Do you have any springtime rituals you do to clear out and create space? Is there anything you’re holding on to? Let me know!

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