The Six Stages of Managing Letdowns

November 5, 2017

The Six Stages of Managing Letdowns

Life can be really funny in how things unfold sometimes. You cultivate a desire, do what you think you need to do to bring that desire to life, write stories in your mind of all the reasons why you can, and then somehow, something falls flat and the desire isn’t quite achieved.  It’s disappointing, a big letdown!   Recently, I experienced this, and boy did it remind me the power of managing letdowns.

I was in a situation where I had a desire, thought I could attain the desire, and as it turned out, the desire was not in fact, attained. I was super annoyed and disappointed about it.

Generally speaking, I’m pretty chill about expectations, manifesting, and allowing myself to trust in life’s timing. In this instance, I let the letdown really get me down. My ego was bruised by the idea that I wasn’t in fact “good” enough to get the desire.

My faith was tested. I felt like I had done the work to achieve my desire, and it felt like it was my time.

The goal that I was hoping to achieve was questioned, because for one minor moment, things didn’t go according to the “plan.”

After noticing, and mentally walking myself through all these phases of the letdown, I remembered that even through all of the disappointment and difficulty, there is purpose. And when owning that purpose, I could decide to begin to dream again.

So, if you are recently on the tail end of a disappointment, or you’re feeling rejected, this week I want to share with you my process for maneuvering the feelings and managing letdowns, so that you can remember to dream again.

1. Know that you weren’t being rejected; you were being redirected. This always takes the sting out of a letdown for me. Know that you will not miss the things that are truly meant for you.

2. Remember that divine timing is always in place. Sometimes we would like to live in the timelines of our minds, rather than the timeline that is orchestrated masterfully by the universe. Remember, that if it didn’t happen, there’s probably a reason, and if it’s meant to happen, the right time will come.

3. Take some time, and ask your ego why it’s feeling so down. For me, the letdowns usually hurt the most because my ego feels bruised, I feel embarrassed, or the old “not good enough” story creeps back into play. Allow yourself the time to go through these feelings and emotions, recognize them, and release them to make space for the feelings and emotions that you truly desire to feel.

4. Go inward, and remember the original desire. Remind yourself of what you want, get back into the feeling of why you want it. Get back in touch with the original feelings and desires, and know that feeling the feelings is the first step in manifesting.

5. Believe again in the things that you want to create in life. Just because something didn’t work out exactly as planned right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever work out. When you get knocked down, you brush yourself off, and get right back up, and the same goes for creating what you want in your life. Now that you have brushed yourself off, it’s time to get up, and believe again.

6. Course correct, and get to work all over again. Take a look at some aligned actions that you can take in this moment. Remember that your thoughts, daily actions, and beliefs hold so much power.

I hope this helps you, in managing letdowns that you have experienced in life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

xo, Michelle

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