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February is a month that seems to be completely encompassed in love—which is fantastic. Generally speaking, when we think about the month of February we think about love, but mostly romantic love. In reality, love isn’t just about romantic love. Romantic love only makes up a small portion of all the many facets that love has. In my humble opinion, the best kind of love is self-love. So much of the good stuff in life stems from having a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

The world is made up of energy, right? We are all energetic beings giving and receiving energy all day, every day. It is in this alone that proves how important it is for us to love ourselves. For example, think about the energy you put out into the world if you walk around hating yourself. Not good, right? I really feel that there are so many of us in this world that don’t have that deep loving relationship with themselves, and therefore create a ripple effect of indifference and even hatred. So do you want more love in this world? Start by loving yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, not in an ego way, but in a caring, compassionate kind of way.

I feel like I’ve made it my mission this year is to learn to completely love and accept myself, while also helping others to do the same. I practice yoga, meditate, journal, practice affirmations, and try to eat a balanced diet. But there is still so much to learn. Hence, I encourage all of you to check out our amazing event next week, which is ALL about self-love and self-care. If you’re in New York, you should totally come join us in person, but if you’re not, you can be with us via livestream! Some of my favorite people in the health and wellness world, such as Kathryn Budig, Tara Stiles, Barb Schmidt, Veronica Bosgraaf, Michele Promaulayko, and Keri Glassman, will be teaching us how to lead the most loving life possible—in hopes of creating a loving, compassionate world. I am personally so excited, as I know I will learn so much from these amazing ladies and am pretty confident you will to.

Want to learn more or are ready to join us? Click here Have any questions? Feel free to email me at

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