Remembering Your Power


I was talking to a friend the other day, and she was ranting to me about someone she follows on social media. Based on her commentary of this person, she didn’t really like the person, she didn’t understand the person, and she wasn’t gaining a whole lot by following and engaging in this person’s content. I asked my friend why she didn’t just unfollow this person, if they were truly this distressing. While giving a blank, and serious stare, she replied, “I can’t do that, I’m too invested now”. And so, she decided to continue to “hate follow” this stranger on the internet.

This whole conversation gave me great pause. There I was with my wonderful friend, and we were spending our precious time together discussing an irksome internet personality, and yet, the proper action, to end this dysfunctional online relationship, was not on the table as an option and solution. My friend was giving up so much of her time and energy taking in this person’s content and subsequently complaining about it to me. So much of my friend’s day was spent on this one person!

I deeply believe that our greatest source of power in this life, is our energy, our time, our presence. Are we really aware of how we are spending this power? Are we choosing what we give our presence to, or are we complacent and passive, allowing whatever comes in, in. Where, what, and to whom do you give your presence, your greatest source of power?

I then started to think about instances in my own life where this dynamic shows up. Where I give my energy to someone or something that really doesn’t serve me, willingly. I was truly shocked to unearth how much I allow into my life, that I really don’t want there.

Even though I felt a little saddened by the conversation with my friend, it was incredibly beneficial, as it really highlighted this important dynamic I needed to examine in my life, and perhaps you do, too.

When we give someone or something our time and presence, we are energetically supporting that thing, whether we like it or not. When we ruminate about a troublesome situation without taking proper action, we give away our power to that situation. When we follow people online and take in their content, even when they are not aligned, not only are we giving away our most precious resource, but we are also supporting those misaligned people, boosting them up, and aiding their successes.

This aspect is what really got me the most. Not only am I giving away my power to something I’m not in agreement with, but I’m also helping that thing become more powerful and more successful in doing so?

Nope, that can’t fly anymore.

It’s time for us to take our power back by making conscious choices on how we choose to expend our energy, and where we wish to place our presence. What types of people, places, and circumstances do you wish to have in your life? What do you want to support with your energy? You have the power to make these choices.

Though this topic might seem a little esoteric, I think it’s an important one. As more and more of our time is spent online, it’s crucial that we start being more discerning with who and what we prop up with our engagement. With the divisive and troubling nature of our world today, the boundaries of how much we take in must be in place. The particular times that we live in today, are begging us to realign with how we truly wish to expend our power.

So here is the good news! We can start to remember to use our power wisely, by consciously choosing and releasing. My favorite part of this whole revelation, is knowing that I will be gaining so much of my time and energy back, when I begin to release the people, places and energies that do not serve me or feel aligned. What a relief. Very exciting, right?

With all this being said, I deeply want to acknowledge and thank all of you who give your precious energy to me, this blog, and Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life so regularly. I truly recognize that there are so many areas of the internet that you can spend your time, and I’m deeply grateful that you continuously choose to be here with me. I will never take that for granted.

Here’s to all of us owning our power today and onward!



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