Remembering Your Dreams

March 7, 2020

Remembering Your Dreams

Happy Sunday, my sweet friends!

This week I hope to keep the blog short and sweet.

I had a difficult week last week. There wasn’t just one thing that was getting me down, a combination of all the life’s difficulties just hit me a little harder than usual. It felt especially tough because the self-care practices that usually life me out of darker times just didn’t seem to be cutting it.

Life is difficult, and these times feel incredibly challenging. It’s easy to let everything that happens externally, greatly influence us internally. It’s easy to get bogged down in negativity, and fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What helps me the most, when everything else seems to fail, is to remember my dreams, my highest ideals, and the things that give me hope. When things feel heavy or gloomy, the silver lining is remembering that we can find stability in hope, and the belief that something beautiful is always around the corner.

When I take the time to visualize and remember that I am a creative being, capable of molding and shaping my life to go after my dreams and desires, I find myself back in equilibrium again.

Life tends to lose its feeling of magic, when we allow everything that rattles us to rob us of our future and our joy. Our power lies in our own awareness to shift, align, and reach for our dreams, knowing that they are always right around the corner.

Here’s to all of us feeling empowered to never stop moving towards our dreams.



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