What Having a Peaceful Mind Means to Me

May 14, 2017

What Having a Peaceful Mind Means to Me

One of the most common questions I get is how to obtain a peaceful mind, and this is not surprising, as we are named Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life. This week I have been  thinking a lot about what it means exactly to have a peaceful mind, perhaps because my mind was feeling not so peaceful.

When we stop and think about it, our minds are the houses in which we live. Our minds dictate how our lives really play out, they affect our moods, our energy, our productivity, and everything else in between. Having a peaceful mind truly does mean having a peaceful life, which is why we created this non-profit (in a nutshell).

This week I had to rely heavily on my spiritual toolbox to reel in my monkey mind. I could feel my mind taking me into places that made me feel uneasy, anxious, and certainly not peaceful. It was a great reminder for me of what it’s like to feel this way, as I truly believe living peacefully is a practice.

There is not quick fix or cure all for having a peaceful mind, but we can make small little corrections along the way that will bring us back to serenity. Having a peaceful mind means being aware of when you’ve gone off track and knowing how to bring yourself back. This week, I hope to give you a glimpse of what my idea of a peaceful mind is, so that you can create your own sense of a peaceful mind for your life!

Having a peaceful mind to me means…

…connecting with myself on a daily basis through meditation

…practicing living in the present moment every day

…not letting my mind wander into “what if” territory

… being content exactly where I am, while still knowing my hopes for the future

…having the awareness of when I’m being unnecessarily negative and choosing again

…trusting that things are happening for a reason and unfolding in divine timing

…having the self-confidence and assurance to not compare my life/path to others

…committing to self-care practices daily

…releasing unnecessary judgment of others

… not dwelling on things that I can’t control

…not worrying about what others are thinking of me

…following my intuition to fulfill my purpose in this life

I hope these reminders help you in finding peace from within. I would love to hear your little tips on cultivating a peaceful mind. Remember, it’s a practice!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mom’s in our world.

xoxo, Michelle



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