Patience- Learning to Ride the Waves of Life


With the changing of seasons and the start of a new year, I often find myself reflective of life in general. Looking back on all that has happened, and dreaming on all that is to come, helps me to truly understand that life is a journey, a series of memories, not just one moment or situation. Keeping this in mind helps me to understand and appreciate the ebbs and flows of life. We go through highs and lows, all in the cycle of life. Knowing that we have these cycles and changes really brings to mind and highlights the importance of patience. Being patient in all aspects of our lives can help us to live in peace and happiness and also help us rid our lives of stress and anxiety. So what can we do when we’re on the edge of our seats and want to get our lives moving? Check out these five steps below, in hopes of helping you learn to ride the waves of life, and appreciate each wave as it comes and goes.

  1. Breathe deeply and know that all is ok. One of the most natural actions we can do, the breath is so often underestimated on how beneficial it can be to our minds and our nervous systems. If you’re feeling anxious or uneasy, close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. Knowing that in that moment, all you need is your breath to survive, and that really, nothing else matters. Your breath can help you put things into perspective and shift your energy into a more positive space.
  2. Incorporate journaling into your day. Finding time to let words flow from your heart onto paper is a great way to release stress and let go of nagging thoughts. We tend to store up so much energy worrying and waiting for life to unfold. Release this energy onto paper; write down whatever comes up for you. Maybe even take some time to write down all that you’re grateful for. When you acknowledge all that you have, you create that space for more amazing things to come to your life.
  3. Remember that you are constantly growing and changing. Just like a wave flows in and out, your life is always in constant movement. Just because you can’t see change or growth in a certain moment doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Know that at any moment, your life can turn to reflect all the things you want in life. You just have to have trust and patience.
  4. Compassion and understanding. Sometimes we get frustrated that people and things aren’t the way we’d like them to be. We can take out our frustrations on those around us, in not the most loving of ways. See the other person as yourself; learn to have more acceptance of what is in this moment. You never know the circumstances going on for someone else, so try to be loving, considerate, and compassionate, regardless of the situation.
  5. Believe that everything unfolds as it should. Each of us has our own path and destiny in life. We all have certain skills and special qualities that help us excel. Know that all of these things will help you move forward all in due time.

Do you find yourself impatient with life? What do you do when you find yourself getting anxious or unsure of how things will turn out? Let us know!

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