Patience in a Changing World

November 16, 2012


Generally, I like it when things go my way. I get a green light while driving, a loved one does exactly what I want them to do without me having to ask, or something goes great with my work. Life is pretty easy when we get what we want and when things go our way. How we deal with things when they don’t go our way is the real challenge. As we’ve discussed, the world is ever changing. We cannot cling to the external for comfort, as it will surely lead us to sorrow. This month, we’ve gone through change in many, many aspects. The seasons have changed, the political climate has changed, and our lives have changed. For some of us, these changes are not what we would have liked. This week, let’s focus on accepting these changes, having patience and trust that these changes will have a purpose, and letting go of all the rest.

If we allow ourselves to get worked up every single time things take a wrong turn, we will live lives filled with constant turmoil and anxiety. We don’t want to live like that. What can we do to have patience and trust in an ever changing, uncertain world?

  1. Detach… from the outcomes of any situation
  2. Let go… of expectations and what you can’t control.
  3. Calm… the chattering of the mind and the thoughts that do not serve you
  4. Trust… the Universe has your back.
  5. Accept… what life brings you, things come to you for a reason, just sit back and ride the wave of life!

How do you keep calm and carry on? Let us know!

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