One of My Favorite Practices for the Holiday Season

November 22, 2023

One of My Favorite Practices for the Holiday Season

Dear friends,

As we officially begin the holiday season, and the countdown to the end of the year, it’s common for emotions and unchecked feelings to rise to the surface. There is so much happening, there is so much being asked of us, and there are so many expectations and responsibilities. 

While in theory the holiday season is for merriment and joy, the reality is that oftentimes we end up feeling stressed, burned-out, and isolated. The complicated family dynamics can make us feel misunderstood, the never-ending invitations can lead us into people-pleasing, and the simple fact that life is hard, and the world feels extra cruel can lend to us not even wanting to celebrate anything at all.

This week, it is my intention to offer up a simple practice with the hope of helping you maneuver through the holiday season, and the rest of 2023, no matter what you’re going through. I know that there is no quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solution to our life’s problems, but I also know that self-connection, introspection, and simple presence is always a great place to start.

If you’re reeling with anxiety over all the possibility of the too-personal questions to be asked at the family dinner table, or even feeling resentment that you can’t just say no and do the things you actually want to do, the very best way (in my opinion) to feel and release these feelings is through journaling.

As I’ve said in other blogs, journaling is the practice of giving your thoughts a home. Think about it this way: when you have a list of tasks you must complete, you write them down, otherwise the tasks ruminate in your head because you just don’t want to forget to do it. Putting your list onto a page gives it somewhere to live, releasing your mind from holding on so tight. 

In my experience, journaling produces the exact same result. If there are feelings that I can’t quite shake, or thoughts that pop up at inconvenient times, putting pen to paper and giving them a home helps to give me mental clarity and space. 

I invite you this holiday season, and for the last few weeks of 2023, to turn to journaling when everything feels like it’s just too much. Use your journal as a safe haven to say all the things you wish you could say out loud, feel all the feelings that are just beneath the surface, and uncover your innermost wishes and desires. 

There is always so much magic created when we place importance on our own self-care. I hope this practice serves you whenever you need it most.

xo, Michelle

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