The One Feeling We Cannot Ignore


Feelings come and go, sometimes they are wonderful and sometimes they are quite unpleasant. Sometimes the craziness of our lives puts us into autopilot, creating a space where we avoid or suppress our feelings.  I believe that it’s very important to let all of our feelings come to the surface when they arise.  Lately I have been feeling like there’s one feeling in particular that we cannot ignore and that needs to be discussed: suffering. Suffering seems to be an overarching theme for many people right now and it’s had me thinking about what it means to suffer and what it means to help those who are suffering. This one thought that suffering is something that should never be ignored has been in my mind all week hence my blog for you today!

What’s interesting to me about suffering is, when you are in it, or even when you are watching someone else in it, it feels nearly impossible to overcome. It’s devastating, however the comforting part is that it is something that every single person will endure in their lifetime. Suffering passes up no one, and it has its deep purposes. This is the reason why I say suffering should not be ignored.

Suffering is a part of life and just like with anything else, it’s what we choose to do with it that matters the most. When we are in the presence of suffering, we are being called to take a closer look at life, we are being called to course correct. Suffering gives us the space to analyze life, to ask ourselves the important questions, and to figure out what we could be doing better. It is in these difficult times that we grow and learn and become the very best versions of ourselves, that is, if we pay attention and choose to do so.

Suffering helps to light our paths, and show us where there is work to do.

I say all of this to each of you to digest personally, but I also intend for it to be taken at a global perspective as well. Just like suffering forces us to look deeper into ourselves, it also requires us to recognize the suffering of others, and help when you can.

Suffering requires recognition. It cannot be ignored, or it will continue to persist.

If you are in a period of deep suffering, I send you all the strength and love and reminder that the pain points in our lives are often the foundation blocks where we find our strength. May you find all that is needed to begin to thrive.

If you are recognizing the suffering of others around you and in this world, I encourage you to take aligned action to do your part to help ease the pain of someone else. Remember, no act of kindness is too small. Part of the path is asking ourselves how we can help ease the suffering of others.

xoxo, Michelle








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