Noticing What We Take In

May 15, 2016

Noticing What We Take In

I really love sharing what helps me feel good every week in hopes of helping you feel great as well! One of my biggest passions is to talk about the mind, how our thoughts affect our reality, and what we can do to be a powerful creator for our own lives.

While we all know that we cannot control what goes on around us or how other people act, I firmly believe that we can manage what happens internally, in our own minds, which ultimately influences our mindset, our outlook, and our life path. The mind and the thoughts we think are everything. We can meditate, repeat mantras and affirmations, and focus on the breath daily, and still have a sense of agitation and unease. Have you ever taken the time to stop and evaluate what you are letting into your mind on a daily basis? Though the tools we use to clear out the toxins of the mind are important, it’s equally as important to filter what we bring into our minds as well.

There are a few areas where we tend to allow negativity and toxicity in without even realizing it. As we know, acknowledgment is the first step! I have broken it down for you here to give you the awareness so that you can make conscious choices for allowing what goes in to your precious minds!

Entertainment: Including music, books, television, and magazines, we spend so much of our time watching and reading for pleasure. How does the entertainment you choose affect your mindset? Have you ever watched a scary movie and then had nightmares that same night? This is the perfect example of how the entertainment we choose affects what goes on in our subconscious. Choose wisely!

Internet: Including social media and news outlets, the Internet has become a huge source of how we keep in this world. Do you follow people on social media outlets who secretly make you cringe or uneasy? Do you constantly click refresh on your favorite news site to keep tabs on the latest heartbreaking newsbreak? While I value these outlets for making friends, family, and breaking news available, remember to notice how these things make you feel, and to remember that you can choose not to participate. un-friending, unfollowing, and closing the browser is an absolute act of self-care!

Socialization: We are the company that we keep. Do you have people in your life who tend to put a negative spin on absolutely everything? Do you have friends who encourage negative behaviors? We have all been there. Take a stand and choose to be around people who lift you up, inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and who talk about issues, ideas, and dreams that light you up and that matter in this world.

Are there other areas of your life that could use a detox? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

xoxo, Michelle

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