My Tips for Receiving the Answers You Seek


I recently discovered something about myself. I’m a closeted know-it-all. It’s weird for me to write that, but I really, really like to be right, and I really, really like to know things. I honestly never would have characterized myself as such in the past, but I’ve come to own that it’s a true trait for me.

What happens, though, when you’re someone like me who wants to know it all, and you can’t quite seem to know enough? You become a frustrated and confused person, who is desperate for answers but perpetually inundated with questions.

It’s super interesting for me to identify as someone who needs to know all the answers, because in the past I had always considered myself a seeker — someone who is always in search of more truth, knowledge, answers, and clarity.

Upon entering the personal development space, clarity became a buzzword I heard often. I’d hear quotes such as: “Get clarity on this, and you’ll be able to achieve that.” “Find clarity on your purpose, and your life will effortlessly flow.” “Get clear on what you want, and what you want to come to you.” I thought to myself, man, I really need to get me some clarity, this is the kind of life knowledge that I need to succeed.

Over the years, clarity felt absolutely elusive to me on a broad scale. I certainly had defined visions for smaller things in life. As someone who needs to know it all, I felt like I was missing the one piece of knowledge I needed the most. It drove me bonkers.

It’s only been recently where I recognized that the chase for clarity, or the constant search for answers, is what robbed me of exactly what I was looking for. It’s like when you are trying really hard to remember something you had in your mind one minute ago that is completely lost, you let it go for a minute, and it comes to you much, much easier. That is what clarity, and knowledge, and answers are to me now.

The more I lean back and allow the answers to come to me, the more clear I feel. The less I worry about figuring every little thing out, the more things sort themselves out. The more confident I am in my own knowing, the more truths I uncover.

The truth of the matter is we are smart, capable, intuitive beings. We know things. We know a lot of things. We doubt ourselves, deny ourselves, and block ourselves from our truths by thinking we always need to go outward to find answers. Give yourself some credit for what you already know, and trust the wisdom you need will be given to you exactly when it’s needed.

I’ve broken down my process for clarity for you this week, because it’s brought me so much relief to release the seeking, and I hope it helps you, too.

1. Intend to release the need to constantly seek. Let yourself off the hook from the perpetual search and settle into what you know to be true right now. Ask yourself, what is true for me today

2. Allow yourself to be okay with what you already know. Remember, clarity doesn’t mean knowing everything. It means being confident with the information you have and using it wisely.

3. Trust that the answers will be given to you in the right time. If you knew absolutely everything right now, would you be able to use it all wisely anyway, probably not. Use what you know with the most alignment, and know that when you need to know more, the answers will be there.

4. Keep listening to what your intuition is trying to tell you. I’ve come to find that the inner voice inside of me is always whispering simple truths to me, I just get too busy to always hear it. Take pause, be still, and see what is being said.

5. Remember that sometimes we don’t need all the answers to take action. I was one of those people that needed to know everything before I would do anything, and it paralyzed me. You can do things without knowing everything, and you should. Learning along the way is one of the best journey’s in life.

Wishing you all the clarity you crave, and the answers you seek, with ease.

xo, Michelle

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