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No man (or woman) is an island. Even though we can cultivate all that we wish to be from the inside, life would be pretty boring and uneventful if we didn’t have people around us who inspire, motivate, and teach us what life really is all about.

While I know you all come to this blog and to our pages for the inspiration and wisdom that we provide, I felt that it was time that I open up and share who inspires me. And I’m so excited about that!

I am someone who constantly loves to learn and grow, and while social media and the internet tend to get a bad rep, the people mentioned here today make the online space what I think it was intended to be: a source of goodness and joy.

Thank you so much to those who I’ve mentioned here today, who have given me and the world so much.

Brittany Packnett (@mspackyetti) I am borderline obsessed with Brittany Packnett, and she knows it. I cannot express how much I’ve learned from her in the social justice, activism, and wellness space. While her mind is sharp, her soul and her presence shine through in everything that she does.

Florence Given (@florencegiven) Florence Given, or Floss, as she goes by, is an incredible force of a human. I often go to her page for a loving pat on the back when it comes to relationships, self-care and self-worth. She is the master of witty quips and a beautiful artist who fearlessly advocates for equality for all.

LiLi Hayim (@thewellnecessities) I know the internet can feel like an overwhelming place when it comes to health, nutrition and body acceptance, The Well Necessities brings an open, honest, and raw approach to wellness and what it’s like to be a woman in 2019. I always resonate deeply with Lili’s posts and I find that what she writes is usually exactly how I’m feeling, but always so much more eloquently stated!

Yung Pueblo (@yungpueblo) Known for his meaningful black and white quote graphics, I find that almost every post from Yung Pueblo speaks directly to my soul and gives me exactly what my insides are yearning for.

Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial) I tried really hard to keep this list celebrity free, but I just could not leave out Jameela Jamil. I am so in awe of her relentless pursuit of erasing diet culture in our society. She bravely calls out the social injustices that take place both online and in the real world, and is a role model, who I look up to when facing self-loathing thoughts about myself and body image.

Alexandra Ella (@alex_elle) Alex Elle has become somewhat of my online therapist. Her gentle reminders and soulful affirmations are always applicable and easy to implement into real life.

Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) Again, I made a celebrity exception for Jonathan Van Ness, who I am incredibly inspired by right now. I’ve loved following him for some time now, but after reading his recent New York Times article about his history, advocacy, and truth, I felt that he must be on this list for his bravery, especially during these times. I am so moved by those who face their own fears, and speak their truths anyways.

Jeanette Ogden (@shutthekaleup) While she might be known for her drool-worthy shots of her healthy smoothies and delicious meals, I love following Jeanette for her honesty, vulnerability, and relatable story-telling about life as a mother and as a woman. I find her posts and her work incredibly educational and accessible, and though I don’t have children at this time, I know I’ll keep her words close to heart when I enter that time in my own life.

Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew) I have resonated with and loved Mari Andrew’s art for many years now. I’m sure you all have seen her art shared by accounts big and small. Her way with words and imagery is second to none.

Ann Loonam (@luckygirlbyann) Breast cancer survivor Ann Loonam is a wonderful and inspiring person, who I know from social media. She is always so willing and open to share about life, with it’s ups and downs and finding the silver lining to whatever happens with what life presents.

Barb Schmidt (@peaceful_barb) Last but not least, I couldn’t leave off my own mom, Peaceful Barb herself! I know how much time, effort and energy she puts into her posts. They are always authentic, real and straight from her heart. Love you, mom!

Who are you loving on the internet right now? Let me know in the comments so I can give them a follow!

xo, Michelle

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