My Favorite People I Look to For Inspiration and Wisdom

September 5, 2020

My Favorite People I Look to For Inspiration and Wisdom

My dear friends,

Though this year has been extraordinarily challenging and unexpected, the silver lining for me has been the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with you here, and experience this community on a deeper, more meaningful level. It’s an honor and a true joy to be able to share with you pieces of my life, insights from difficulty, and the tools I rely on to help me find a place of balance and peace.

One of the core tenants of my personal practice is taking in inspiration and wisdom from others. I learn from people who are experts in their fields, those who have gone through shared experience, artists, comics, and people who just wish to make the world a little bit brighter. I think it’s important, now more than ever, to make sure that we are consciously taking in just as much positivity as the world is providing in negativity.

I wanted to share with you this week, the people who I’ve been looking to as a source of light, knowledge, truth, and inspiration. It’s important to me to share this platform with those who have such a beautiful impact on my life, and I offer up this week’s blog to those listed here, in gratitude for doing so much, in a time that feels so tough.

Please know that this list isn’t comprehensive! There are so many others I hold near and dear to my heart, and as we move forward I will keep sharing about these beautiful souls, but for now, this list is a start, and I hope your life is as positively influenced by these amazing souls, just like mine.


1. Nakeia Homer: I am one-hundred percent truthful when I say that Nakeia, her energy, her words, and her content are a blessing to my timeline and to my life. It’s a rarity for me to say this, but every single thing she puts on the internet, resonates with me on a deep level. It’s somehow like she’s tapped into my soul, and knows exactly what I need to hear, and how I need to hear it, in that moment. I’m not alone in this belief, whenever I’ve shared her words on Instagram, I get messages from others who are deeply moved by her work. Nakeia’s work is the warm Covid-free hug that we all could use at this point in 2020.

2. Amanda Frances: Amanda is actually a dear friend of mine, so this might be a bit of a conflict of interest, but that’s just how much I appreciate her content, especially during this year. I don’t know a person who fully honors, loves, and accepts herself while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same like she does. She is the queen of showing you how to reframe life, and it’s difficulties, and she truly is the master at cultivating abundance. There have been many times throughout this year I’ve silently asked myself, “What would Amanda do?” when faced with a problem, so with that alone I’d say that deserves her a spot on this list, but she’ll turn your world upside down, and she looks fabulous while doing so.

3. Ziwe: I have become majorly addicted to Ziwe Fumudoh’s digital show, “Baited.” This year has brought to the surface the unhealed and unsolved issue of racism in America, and Ziwe brilliantly and comedically tackles this weekly on her Instagram Lives. I’ve learned so much from her about equality, systemic injustices, and how we all can educate ourselves to be better in 2020. Watch her show, and keep an eye out for the classic Ziwe zoom-in. You will love her.

4. Amanda Kloots: A few years ago I wrote a blog about reuniting with my passion for dance. Amanda Kloots helped to reignite that love. I religiously took her dance classes in New York City years ago, and have been inspired by her ever since. This year, she has endured the unimaginable, losing her 40-year-old husband to Covid-19. Amanda bravely documented her experience on social media, and never ever gave up hope and a positive attitude. She since has been sharing incredible messages on grief, optimism, and resilience, and her light shines so bright.

5. Devi Brown: I was introduced to Devi when we participated in the Share the Mic movement a few months ago. In a twist of fate, we were paired with her to share platforms, and from then on, she has graced my life with the most magic and deep wisdom. Devi’s knowledge on spirituality, wellness, and inspiration is as vast as it is deep, and her messages always strike a resonant tone for me. You can feel her magnetic energy through the screen, and I always find myself smiling when reading her words or watching her videos.

6. Daily E-Book Deals: A “Bookstagram” account, that is run by another dear friend, Erika Oppenheimer. Pivoting her life due to the pandemic, Erika threw herself into a new project based in her deep love of books. Many of us have found ourselves home more often, and have taken the opportunity to finally read the books sitting on our nightstands. Daily Book Deals is an incredible resource for books on sale, and Erika does a masterful job at breaking down themes, topics, and genres. If you’re a book lover, she is a must follow.

7. Donté Colley: I started following Donté a few years ago because I absolutely loved his infectious and inspirational dance videos. I often joked that Donté was my internet life coach, his content impacted me that much. He provides the perfect combination of light-hearted fun, relevant information, and reflective insight. He goes deep when the time requires it and provides levity when needed too, I’m very grateful for his presence online and in the world

8. Female Collective: This account is run by a phenomenal woman, Candace Reels. Her tagline of the account states, “where women are celebrated, uplifted, supported, and empowered everyday,” and that basically says it all. Female Collective posts are relatable, sometimes humorous, and oftentimes relevant to the times. Whenever I see a post of Candace’s on my feed, I always stop to take a look at what she has to say.

9. The Sunday Paper: I truly love Maria Shriver‘s The Sunday Paper. I was blessed to be asked to write a piece earlier this year for the publication on the topic of love and relationships, but regardless of that, I’ve been an avid reader and follower of the account. Maria and her team always provide thought-provoking content from an incredibly diverse group of people. I look forward to each week’s Paper, knowing that I always takeaway so much for my mind, heart, and soul.

10. The Get Up and Go Family: If you’re looking for an adorable, humorous, and completely real family account, this one is for you. Full transparency, I know this family personally; however, the joy I feel following them around on their wild adventures of five young children (two sets of twins!), a beautiful husband and wife, and their many farm animals is just unmatched, and so needed during these times. In normal circumstances, the family travels the world together and to see it through their eyes is incredible. In pandemic times, you’ll find them on their farm, and having just as much fun as on the road. They always bring a smile to my face!

Thank you for allowing me to share some pieces of the internet that bring me so much joy! I’d love to hear who is lighting you up these days, please share the love in the comments!

xo, Michelle

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