7 Mindful Practices for Starting a New Chapter

January 1, 2018

7 Mindful Practices for Starting a New Chapter

I find that there’s something truly magical about starting a new chapter. Whether it’s reading a book, listening to a story, and most importantly in our very own lives, new beginnings bring so much hope, promise, and excitement. It’s almost as if the slate as been wiped clean, and we truly can create anything we desire. I wish I could bottle up that feeling and carry it with me throughout the year.

Now that we are settling into a brand new year, I hope to share with you some practices that you can incorporate into your life to keep the magic going, to take care of yourself, and to continue creating all that makes your heart sing.

These are practices that are currently in rotation, and have served me well, and it is my wish that they help you on your path as well!

Daily Tune In. I am strong believer in the notion that when you are connected to yourself, you can do anything. With that being said, I’ll always recommend cultivating some sort of meditation practice into your daily routine. Not only will you feel less stressed, more centered, and clearer, you’ll also really get to know yourself. The real you. The you that is desperately trying to shine in this world. It is the connection to Self within that will help you to create the life of your dreams.

Getting Clear. For a long, long time clarity felt elusive to me. And that was frustrating because I know how beneficial it is to know what you want when you’re trying to start something new. Then I recognized that clarity isn’t knowing all the answers all at once; it’s picking up the pieces of the puzzle as you go along. Clarity can be a sense of a feeling, a notion, a hint, a direction. Start recognizing your desires, noticing the clues in your life and owning these as your clarity.

Body Connection. Just as much as I stress tuning into your Self on a daily basis, I have to stress the value of body connection as well. There was a period of time where I felt completely out of touch with my body; and it made me feel bad, sad, depressed, and really insecure. Perhaps the most profound way that I rekindled the connection to my body was through joyful movement. This is not my New Years spiel on working out or losing weight, this is about moving to connect and to feel. Bonus in this department is I’ve discovered so many hidden desires and hits (aka clarity) while in movement. Find a practice that resonates with you, that doesn’t feel like a chore, that connects you with your body and strive to do it daily. I’ve recently started taking dance classes and I’m loving it!

Saying No. My favorite self-care tip ever? Knowing that it’s ok to say no to something that truly doesn’t light me up. So many of us cater to the demands of the outside world. We say yes to really crummy things and feel really crummy doing them. You can take back your power and say no. Give yourself that permission when called to.

Be Patient. When we start upon a new chapter, we tend to get really exciting about the possibilities and potential outcomes. There’s so much that could happen, we just can’t wait for it all to unfold. And then we start to get down when it all doesn’t happen right away. Be patient with the timeline of your life. I truly believe that life unfolds exactly as it should, so have trust that whatever seeds you’ve planted will come to form in due time.

Release Perfectionism. Does anyone else ever have that feeling that in order to achieve a goal or desire we have to be perfect to make it attainable? I do, at least. Sometimes we think we have to tick all the boxes, and do all the self-care exercises to make us valid, valuable, and worthy. Even if you read this entire blog and don’t do any of these practices, you’re still worthy of having your dreams. The key of it all is to feel good while co-creating your life.

Bring Back Fun. When reflecting on the year that’s passed I noticed how serious it all was. And that’s great. But there’s a part of me that is always striving for fun and laughter, because life is so much more enjoyable when we are able to walk through it with a smile on our faces. Remember to bring fun back into your life.

I hope these practices help you to cultivate all your wishes in this new chapter of life! I’d love to hear your word for 2018, if you’ve chosen one, or something you’d like to cultivate in the comments below! My word for 2018: BRAVE.

xo, Michelle

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