Discover Your Inner Peace with Waking Up Meditation

Begin your day with the Waking Up Meditation practice:

  1. Dedicate a quiet place to practice your daily Waking Up Meditation. Sit on a chair, cushion, or the floor with your head, neck, and spine in a straight line and your back supported. Find a comfortable position, so that you can forget your body—but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.
  2. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Breath is your first and last relationship with your inner self in life. Focusing on your breath calms and connects you with your inner self during meditation.
  3. Breathe normally and release any distractions that come up. Focus on your breath, then slowly repeat a spiritual passage, prayer, or your Sacred Mantra, until your mind quiets. Eventually, the focus of your attention will fall away, and what will be left is peace and stillness.
  4. As your concentration deepens, your nervous system relaxes. Resist any temptation to sleep by bringing your body away from the wall or chair temporarily. If necessary, open your eyes or stand up for a moment.Be patient. Learn to recognize your busy mind, and practice shifting into the experience of stillness, silence, and peace.
  5. You may wish to end your meditation time with a personal prayer, spiritual reading, or some quiet time. Notice how you feel. Establish your intention to carry this thread of peacefulness from your meditation throughout your day. 
  6. As you leave your meditation space, call upon your Sacred Mantra, repeating it silently as you walk into the new day.

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