How to Make Big Life Changes Less Scary


As human beings, we tend to be creatures of habit. We like to feel safe and secure in our comfort zones. But of course, we know, life just doesn’t work this way. Life ebbs and flows, things change suddenly, we transition, move, grow, etc. Life is filled with changes.

Every one of us would like to know how situations will unfold, and that everything is going to be ok. Why? Because we are like this, and change, particularly big life changes, can feel scary and daunting. Although some of us would like to try, we cannot avoid change, we cannot hide from it, and we certainly cannot run away from it.

Truthfully, I believe the best way to face big life changes is head on, with confidence, grace, and trust. Change is only scary because our minds make it to be so. The second we change our minds about change, we become open to the limitless possibilities of life.

This week I want to offer to help you change your minds about change. I am not here to tell you that sometimes it’s not going to be difficult or stressful or even scary, but I want to give you reminders and tools, so that you feel like you can manage whatever comes your way at any time and in any place.

So, here’s my little tool box for managing change, enjoy!

―Learn to trust yourself. The voice that’s deep within you knows your truth. Start relying on it when you need to make major life choices.

―Be curious rather than anxious. Rather than feeling uneasy about the uncertainty, try to feel excited about the infinite possibilities. Adopt affirmations to replace any anxious thoughts that might block the positive flow of your life.

―Know that there are no wrong decisions. Connect with yourself and your true desires. Please believe whatever decision you make for yourself is the right one.

―Remember you can always course correct. If a new situation or scenario feels off, know you can always make the changes necessary to bring yourself back to peace. You can always change your mind.

―Every move will teach you something—it just might be a little difficult. Life is filled with lessons, be open to the teachings.

―Think of each new chapter as an adventure. I love to look at my life as a book, where each period is a chapter. It often helps me to get through difficult periods, knowing that soon, this chapter will come to a close. On the flip side, it makes me energized to begin an exciting new page.

―Know we cannot stay stuck and stagnant. We must continue to move forward, grow, and break through the barriers that sometimes keep us safe, but also keep us small.

―Remember that nothing stays the same forever. Sometimes we get stuck in nostalgia, and want to hold on tightly to the past. Release what was, so you can be open to what will be. Nothing lasts forever.

―Trust that you are always being guided. When something is taken from your life, or you are forced to make a change, recognize that something better is being given to you. Adopt the affirmation, “It is this or something better.”

I hope my little tool box helps you be aware of and manage your fears about life changes. I hope this gears you up for whatever life may throw your direction. Remember, you cannot predict what will happen, nor do we want to!

Remember: If you are living life in the present moment, armed with the tools needed, you will always persist through the changes of life.

xoxo, Michelle


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