Love Actually, Redefined

February 10, 2013

When we think of February holidays, we think of pink hearts and red roses. We think of Valentine’s Day: a holiday to celebrate love. In theory, this is the best holiday of the year. In reality, it can be an utter doomsday. For those people not in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day can seem like a kick in the gut. We can feel like we are left out of the party. I think it’s time we redefined Valentine’s Day and the love that is celebrated every February 14th. Yes, if you are in a relationship, it’s wonderful to take the time to cherish your partner. But, let’s also take the time to widen the spectrum. Let’s push the boundaries of love and step out of our comfort zones. Love should be our instinctual emotion, our “go to” for how we treat people. Let love overshadow every negative emotion in your life. Let’s use this day to serve as a reminder for who we really are as human beings, and what we’re really capable of. So, how can we show our love on this day? How can we shift our focus from the love we are getting to the love we can give? 

Let’s take a look at some alternative ways of sharing love this month:

Love Yourself. How can we even begin to fully share the love within us if we don’t truly love ourselves? If this is something you think you’ve been struggling with, treat yourself to a day of self-care. Cook yourself a delicious meal, take yourself on a shopping spree, or to your favorite yoga class. Appreciate yourself. You are a magnificent being, find a way to love yourself a little more.

Gratitude. This lovely holiday can sometimes force us to focus on what we don’t have, instead of what we do have. Let this day serve as reminder for all the love that is currently in your life. There are always people in our lives with whom we can share our love. Whether they are our spouses, friends, siblings, parents, or co-workers, everyone in our lives deserves all the love we have in our hearts. We are always given exactly what we need, when we need it. Give thanks!

Service. One of the more wonderful ways to give love is through selfless service. Volunteer at a local organization, donate funds to your favorite charity, or even simply giving a smile to a stranger passing by. Show compassion for all living creatures and lead by example. Love spreads like wildfire when we give with an open heart to those we don’t even know.  

How will you display your love this month? How does it feel when you experience acts of love in your life? What is something you can incorporate to add more love into your life?

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