The Practice Throughout the Day: Living Present

Living Present carries the inner peace created in Waking Up through the everyday moments of your life. Focused attention, your Sacred Mantra, and reading for inspiration work together to help you increase awareness and live in the present.Focused attention is the practice of mindfully staying present to the moment, person, or activity in which you are engaged. Look, listen, speak, and act with full awareness, intention, and direction. Quiet your mental chatter and control your thoughts, silently calling on your Sacred Mantra in those noisy, distracted, impatient, or stressful moments. Not paying attention to a conversation? Repeat your Sacred Mantra to bring you back into the moment. Living present generates positive energy for your relationships, work, and even your health!

Living Present may feel counter-intuitive for many people, where the predominant culture encourages you to think ahead, get a jump-start, fast-forward, multitask, and pass the slowpokes. No slackers allowed, right?

As you practice Living Present, you may discover more time and space in your days! Imagine how much energy evaporates when you attempt to do too much at once. Then add the time you lose backtracking on conversations. Focused attention and the certainty of your Sacred Mantra sustain inner peace, boost energy and awareness, and empower your true capabilities.

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