Living Present With the Practice

March 27, 2013

Are you living in the now? Are you in the present moment? We are asked these questions often, but do we really know what it means to be present? Part of society’s grooming of us has made us think that we perpetually live in another time. So this week, let’s get down to the basics on what living present really means and why it’s so important.

We are raised by society to constantly be rehashing the past and laser-eyed on the future, and many of us rarely take the time to stop and take in what is happening in the present moment.

I have a challenge for all of you. Today, after reading this, connect with your body and mind and really take notice of how many times we leave the present moment. The purpose of this exercise is two fold, because one, we will recognize how much we leave the present, and two, by this recognition we will come back to the now. But first, here are some things to keep in mind when striving to live in the present.

  1. Slow down. When we are not so rushed and hurried in our lives, we allow ourselves the time and space to be fully aware of what’s going on around us. For the next week, try doing things just a little bit slower and notice the results.
  1. Breathe. Breathing is always important. It is our life force. When we get caught up in the craziness that can be life, a sure fire trick to quickly bring you to peace is taking some deep, cleansing, breaths. Close your eyes, and relish in your inhales and exhales. 
  1. Be patient. Focus on allowing things to happen naturally. Don’t try to rush a situation or get frustrated when things aren’t on your time frame. Trust that life will unfold in the proper time.
  1. Subtract. Do you just simply have way too much going on in your life right now? Take a look at your schedule and pick out a couple of things that aren’t really serving you at the moment. You’ll have more time to be present in your activities that really matter.
  1. Be gracious. All we ever really have is right now. The past is gone, the future is uncertain. Spend your moments in gratitude of life. Fully take in every moment. Heighten all your senses to learn to appreciate all aspects of your life right now. 

What has worked for you in the past? How have you kept yourself living in the present moment? Let us know!

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