Living Life in Balance

October 4, 2023

Living Life in Balance

Dear friends,

Many of my blogs stem from occurrences or situations that happen in my own life. I feel like the lessons and teachings I learn can often apply to many of you. Over the past few weeks, I have been getting the same lesson over and over again. Live your life in balance. We hear the word balance all the time, and in every different arena of life. When it comes down to it, balance, in all areas of life, is super important.

What does living in balance even mean? Well, in my opinion, it’s different for everyone, and something that each of us has to figure out for ourselves. To me, balance means moderation, it means finding the middle path, and ultimately it means letting go of being perfect. When we get on our spiritual paths we tend to go all in, leading to rigidity and perfectionism. So this week I thought I’d share with you my views on balance, how I obtain my own sense of “balance,” and what you can do for yourselves to find that middle way that works just right for you.

1. Balance in health and wellness. Find a routine that works for you, that makes you feel good, that lifts you up, but don’t be too hard on yourself in adhering to this schedule. Make sure you eat foods that work for you, move your body in a way that makes you feel alive, and get plenty of sleep!
2. Moderation with your social life. We are social beings, and so we like to constantly be with people. This is great, especially when with people that lift you up and make your heart smile! Find these people and make them your tribe, but also take some time for yourself. You are your own travel companion in this life, so cultivate that great relationship with yourself and learn to love times of solitude.
3. Find the middle path with your emotions and your spiritual practices. Life is amazing when you go inward, find that spiritual path and adhere to guidelines to keep you centered, but also, life is about having fun. We are meant to experience all arrays of emotions, so make sure you allow for it! Cut yourself some slack every now and again, break your own rules, and just go to what brings you joy. As long as you consistently follow your heart and inner guide, you will always be brought back to your center, back to your path in life.

What do you do to find a sense of balance in your life? Let me know!

xo, Michelle

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