Live With Ease

April 24, 2016

Live With Ease

I am on a mission lately. The mission is to reframe how we view life. The mission is to follow the path of least resistance and to live in the flow of life.

We are taught from day one that life is difficult; life is a grind, a struggle, a hustle. We are taught that life is hard and that we have to do what we can to get through it as gracefully as possible. I went along with this notion for a while. I went through majorly difficult relationships because I thought that’s what real relationships were like. I have toiled endlessly over difficult life decisions. I have spent the majority of my life battling my own body because I felt it didn’t look like it should, based on other people’s standards. I have lessened myself due to fear of what other people have thought of me. I have accepted mediocrity because I figured that was the best that could be done. I have hardened because of those who have hurt me.

I was settling, while also struggling, and suddenly I realized I didn’t want to live this way. I realized that I really did not want to spend my years on this earth living a difficult, confused, unloving, insecure, mediocre, hardened life.

I don’t want to struggle.

I want to live with ease.

I don’t believe joy has to be a challenge. I believe joy is a choice.

A caveat to my message this week: I am not in any way saying that the difficulties, the struggles, the traumas, the wounds, and the hardships won’t happen in life. We all know they will. Life happens. My message this week is urging us all to shift our perception of what we do with the struggle and how we react to the hardship. We tend to glorify strife and struggle as if it makes us more successful and more seasoned. In a way, it does. Experiences give us life cred, stories to tell, and an opportunity for healing. It is important to remember not to live in the story of the struggle, but to live in the story of the healing it presents.

Living with ease is a choice we make in every moment. You can choose to struggle, or you can choose to rise. If you want to make the commitment with me to live with ease, I have broken it down into a few simple steps below to get you on your way.

1. Set the intention. The first step to create change is to know what you want, and declare it to yourself.
2. Connect with yourself in daily meditation and prayer. In order to know the life that is truly “easy” for you, you must connect with your highest self.
3. Take inspired action. When you are connected, you will feel guided and on path. You will know what to do and when to do it. Trust this guidance.
4. Live in the present moment. Most of our struggle and strife comes from regret about the past or worry of the future. Release these feelings and be grounded in the present.
5. Find healing and growth from the difficulty. Every situation and relationship is brought to us to teach us what we need to heal. Whenever you feel struggle, ask yourself what it is that you need to know from the situation. Find comfort in knowing that you have all the answers within you.

I hope this helps you on your journey to living with ease! Let me know how this works for you and what you will release in your life to start living this way!

xoxo, Michelle

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