Letting Go Of Judgment And Comparison


Twenty-two days ago one of my teachers, Gabby Bernstein, put me on a new diet, and it has changed my life. For 22 days I’ve worked on eliminating judgment from my daily life. I had been noticing that MANY of my thoughts were thoughts of judgment, against others and myself. Especially myself. My judgmental thoughts were keeping me stuck and keeping me small. I began to feel that judgment and comparison was my autopilot, which is when I knew I needed to make a drastic change. Judgment and comparison stem from the ego, and it’s incessant need to tell us that we aren’t good enough. In reality, our autopilot is love. We are born into this world with love-based thoughts, and it is part of our life’s purpose to return to that love. I made the commitment 22 days ago to get out of this judgmental place and return to a place of love. Care to join me on my judgment and comparison cleanse? Here are the steps Gabby gave me to walk this journey of being judgment free.

  1. Witness your thoughts and behaviors. The key to any change is awareness. How can you stop a problem if you don’t even know when you’re doing it? Awareness is key! When you find yourself thinking a judgmental thought or comparison, simply notice it, be aware of it and then stop yourself right there in that moment.
  2. Remember your commitment to being judgment free! By simply stopping and not letting the thought continue you are already doing so much good for yourself.
  3. Forgive yourself for this thought. Don’t beat yourself up for being in judgment, forgive yourself and understand that these thoughts stem from your ego, not from your highest self. Your highest self always chooses to see love.
  4. Surrender the thought to a higher power. You don’t have to rely on your own strength to create change. Trust that the Universe has your back and will help you in these positive shifts. You don’t have to try to interpret why you think this way, simply surrender and release.
  5. Choose again. By going through all the steps above you place yourself in a position to choose again, to rewrite the script. I may have started a situation in anger, jealousy and comparison, but in the end I can come out of it with love and compassion. Through the surrender you are able to see the situation with love.

How does it make you feel to live without judgment? I know for myself, I’ve been feeling so much lighter, freer and so much happier. As a bonus, I journal about the judgment and comparison at the end of the day, taking an inventory of what situations bring up these thoughts for me. You can do that too if you’d like! Let me know how this goes for you in the comments and if you’ll join me on the judgment cleanse!

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