Let’s Talk About Rage


Hi my dear friends,

I want to talk about a topic this week that has been on my mind for quite some time. Undoubtedly, this past year, and all the trials and sufferings that have gone along with it, have made us feel a wide array of emotions. Most recently, I’ve witnessed and experienced instances of rage and uncontrolled emotion, which given these times, it makes sense. The immense loss, trauma, uncertainty, and pain of the times, that we are living today, would naturally alchemize into deep suffering and untethered emotions. I fully understand that.

In all of the moments that have happened in my life, however, rage, when taken out on another human being, perpetuates rage. And trauma. And Chaos. A long, vicious cycle.

What I wish to share with you this week are some of my thoughts about rage, because I know we all feel these uncontrollable emotions from time to time, it’s simply part of life.

The truth of the matter is, there’s a lot to feel rage about. There is a lot to be uncomfortable with and to be disturbed by.

But, you do not have the right to place your rage on other people, and subsequently inflict your misplaced emotions on innocent bystanders.

As human beings, we have the right to process and feel our emotions, but not to spread unnecessary trauma and stress, by taking them out on the people around us.

Of course, people, places, and circumstances can trigger and bring up intense emotions, and that is not always our fault, but, it is crucial that we all begin to hone a sense of self-responsibility.

It’s easy to be a loose cannon, to let our feelings and emotions fly, and to erupt when triggered. But the world doesn’t need any more loose cannons. the world needs centered, cognizant resolve. Aligned actions. Stillness and space before reaction. Purposeful engagement rather than knee-jerk reaction.

Being intentional and responsible with our emotions and our actions is a lifelong practice of discipline and learning. But it is worth it when we each do our part to quell the traumatic cycle of rage-fueled interaction.

Because I don’t like to tell you all the things that I think we should avoid doing, without giving you tools on what we could be doing, here are some of the ways that I calmly and peacefully express my rage and anger:

  • unedited free-writing in my journal
  • exercise and moving my body in a way that releases pent up energy
  • yelling or screaming (by myself when no one else can hear, I recommend in a parked car)
  • tapping into creativity
  • sleep, rest, and relaxation
  • talking out my feelings with a licensed therpist or counselor

Life feels so much better when we own our thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions, it provides for a greater space of healing and harmony.

I’m sending you all a big hug and my love.

xo, Michelle

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