My 10 Lessons from 2017


Well, my friends, another year is about to come to a close. Can you believe it? So many feelings come up for me at the end of each year: a sense of pride of what has been accomplished, frustration for what didn’t go as planned, nostalgia for all that was and is no longer, longing for all the things not yet brought into fruition, and hope for a better tomorrow.

No matter how this past year has you feeling, I love honoring this chapter that is about to end in reflection and contemplation. A lot can happen in a year, and certainly a lot can be learned. 2017 was filled with lessons that will take us far and wide for the year ahead.

The 10 lessons here are ones that really stuck with me and ones that I will carry with me into 2018.

  1. Difficult moments can provide valuable insights. There’s no denying that life can throw us curve balls and difficulty, the value in these moments comes when we are open to the lessons and guidance that they bring. The difficulties in my life this year brought me a unique sense of clarity and a reminder of the things I truly care about. There is always a silver lining.
  2. Empathy can bridge the gap of separation. We all can live completely unique lives and still have compassion and understanding for each other’s circumstances. We don’t have to share experiences to remember that in the end, we are all one.
  3. It’s fruitless to strive to be everything to everyone. Whatever it is that you bring to the table day in and day out, is enough. You don’t have to please everyone, be liked by everyone, and be accepted by everyone to be of value and importance, you just have to be all those things for yourself.
  4. True change comes when pure truth is spoken. Having courage to speak your truth, even when it’s scary has the potential to create positive change, and to encourage others to do the same. I felt so inspired and empowered witnessing so many people bravely step forward to speak their truths this year.
  5. You can change the world when you lead by example. We all want to create impact, see change, and promote peace and happiness, but we all know that the change we wish to see starts with us. We have to be the leaders of example and the beacons of light to pave the way.
  6. Separated, we can do some things, united, we can do everything. When we work separately we can accomplish little, but working together we can accomplish so much. Teamwork, collaboration, and partnerships are the key to getting things done.
  7. It’s okay not to always be okay. We are not meant to live life in one emotion. Happiness and peace may be the goal, but sadness, anxiety, and unease are natural parts of life’s process. You don’t have to be “perfect” every moment of every day. Whatever you are feeling is okay.
  8. Change is the one true constant. We can feel like we are on unstable footing when we place our identities and our sense of self on the external world. Life is always changing, the world is in a constant state of flux, find solid foundation within yourself.
  9. Listening is a practice to promote creative solutions. We can learn so much when we sit and listen. Take time to listen to the voice within. Take time to listen to a loved one or a stranger. There is much to gain by stopping and opening our ears to something new.
  10. Knowledge is power. Life is the greatest classroom and we are forever students! There is always something new to be learned, information to be absorbed, lessons to gain and wisdom to take in. Be steadfast in your pursuit of knowledge, facts, and truth.

What lessons did 2017 teach you? Let me know in the comments below!

All my love and gratitude is extended to you reading this blog today. I am so grateful you are apart of this community and I so look forward to connecting with you all further next year. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy 2018!

xo, Michelle

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