Learning How to Trust

August 10, 2014

Learning How to Trust

Do you truly believe and trust that in your life, things will work out exactly as they should? Do you have faith and confidence in your loved ones and peers that they will have your back when needed? Do you just know that in your life, everything is going to be ok?

All of these are really heady questions, and we all can answer them differently. Their main theme comes from the concept of trust. Trust is huge for me. In all that has gone on in my years on this earth, I think that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of trust. I work very hard in living my best life, but in general, if I am really honest with myself, there has always been a part of me that just doesn’t trust and believe that things will work out. We all have so many life experiences that push us away from trust. We get our hearts broken, property is violated, safety is questioned, things just don’t unfold as we’d like for them to, and we come to think that this world is cruel, we shut ourselves down, and essentially don’t trust anything. Having a sense of trust means being okay with being vulnerable, which is hard for everyone. So as I re-teach myself to trust, I’ll pass along what I’ve learned in hopes of helping you find your own sense of trust in your life.

  1. Get to really know yourself. So many of us go through life without really even knowing the person who is living this life. Who are you, really? Spend quality time with yourself. Learn what makes you, you. Identify who you are in this world of billions of people.
  2. Be confident in the amazing person you are. We are all different, and that’s amazing. However, society likes to tell us that we need to fit into specific boxes. After going through step one of this blog, you’ll know who you are. Be completely okay with that! Don’t be afraid to stand out. A lot of the trusting component comes from having confidence in yourself.
  3. Hop on a spiritual path, and keep yourself in check. Spirituality, life of purpose, wellness, all mean different things to different people. Find what path makes you happy, allow yourself to grow, choose your thoughts wisely, and learn to be happy with the life that you have. A great thing I learned from living a spiritual life is having the belief that everything that happens to me happens for a reason, for a lesson to be learned.
  4. Have a reliable social circle to rely on when your trust begins to waiver. It’s great to be independent, but there are certainly times when it’s great to have outside support. Make sure the people you spend your time with have your best interest at heart, are there to support you, and will have your back when needed. Take time to find your tribe, and in the same token, be that great support for the people in your life as well.

How have you learned to be trusting in this world? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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