Keep Calm and Carry On: Election Edition

March 20, 2016

Keep Calm and Carry On: Election Edition

I don’t know about you, but the political season tends to bring out a certain level of crazy for the country, the world, and myself. This year seems to be a particularly wild circus thus far. As spiritual beings, we are all one; however, I feel that we are the most separated during contentious political times.

It saddens me, when I take a glimpse at the news of the anger and hatred we seem to have for each other. Call me naïve, but I really thought we had progressed way more than this. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and this tense time, politically speaking, is no exception. I believe we are in a time where we are being called to love harder and to shine brighter. Regardless of your political beliefs, at our core, we are pure love. We all want what’s best for the world. We all want to return to love.

If you are like me and have been feeling really overwhelmed and stressed about the state of these political affairs, take heart in knowing you are not alone. Here are some simple tips I have been standing by to remain calm and at peace during this time where it seems difficult to do so.

Be in the know, but don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the melodramas of the media. Inform yourself on the facts, but don’t spend hours on hours watching the “entertainment” the media is providing. Strictly monitor what goes into your psyche.

Remember this time is a call for love. Even though you might want to scream your head off at a person who has very opposing views than yourself, remember that every action is either love or a call for love. You can be respectful of opposing views while not falling into alignment with opposing views.

Continue to be the light. Darkness feeds on darkness. Tired of what you’re seeing on the news? Take it upon yourself to become the change you wish to see, in a compassionate and peaceful manner.

Release anger and recognize the other person is you. One of my favorite lessons from Yogi Bhajan. Remember that we are one; take your anger and bring it back to love. Negative actions and emotions won’t bring the desired outcome.

Remember that prayer is the medium for miracles. Continue to hold the space that the highest good of the nation and the world will come forth in this instance. Keep the faith, and remember that all is well.

How are you managing to keep the peace this political season? Let me know in the comments!


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