It’s Okay to Take a Break

June 17, 2018

It’s Okay to Take a Break

This week I had a moment that brought me to an unexpected halt. I had been working myself hard to achieve some of my goals, and I felt some pressure with some deadlines to maintain a high level of productivity. Inside of me, I felt strong feelings to push through my own resistance to keep up with these things that were expected of me, and I felt incredibly frustrated, unclear, and drained. I got caught up in a belief that I must always be going, doing, being, and creating, and that I must always be on my A-game.

As you might be able to guess, living at that high level of productivity isn’t quite sustainable and so, mentally, physically, and emotionally I was completely tapped. I was feeling out of my creative flow, mentally, blocked, and exhausted. Upon recognizing that I had reached my limits, I came back home to myself and immediately became aware that I needed a break. My brain was begging for a pause. My body. My soul too. I needed time to just breathe and take some healthy, conscious space.

Have you noticed that It can feel really uncomfortable for us to take breaks?

What will happen in that space of nothingness?

Will I let people down?

Will I fall behind? Will someone else surpass me? Will I be forgotten?

Will I lose my creative flow? Will I not start back up again?

These are some of the questions I thought to myself when resisting taking a break. And the answer to all of them is a simple and meaningful no.

Taking breaks, creating spaces, taking pauses in life are a crucial, critical part of our self-care and self-preservation practices. Taking a moment of pause before starting again is regeneration and renewal. Giving yourself the gift of time and space cultivates creativity. Personal time solidifies the strong foundation we have from within to shine as bright as we can.

Taking breaks doesn’t always come easy to us, so I want to gently and confidently remind you that it’s okay. Breaks are allowed, and often it is necessary to pause, take a break, and start again.

Breaks can come in many forms and circumstances, and if you’re feeling called to pause, I hope you honor it, and remember…

…it’s okay to take a break from your work

…it’s okay to take a break from a relationship

…it’s okay to take space from someone who you love

…it’s okay to take a break from your creative passions

…it’s okay to take a break during busy days

…it’s okay to take a break from your physical routine and diet

…it’s okay to take a break from your social calendar

…it’s okay to take a break and just be

This week, I commit to taking a break from stressing about my writing. If you feel called to share, what will you consciously take a break from this week?

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!

xo, Michelle

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