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If you follow Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life on Instagram, this week you probably noticed we hit a major milestone: ONE MILLION supporters!

For a long, long time, I really ignored numbers and stats like that. I never wanted our work to be about quantity, but rather quality and impact. I separated myself from the data so much, that when the time came to celebrate the occasion, I didn’t allow myself to feel the joy of the milestone. I thought, that’s great, let’s keep moving on.

And then I saw our feed get flooded with comments of happiness, celebration, and gratitude. It was pure love, and it forced me to reconsider my stance, and truly take note of the impact that was taking place.

When I allowed myself to actually sit for a minute, and reflect on what that particular milestone meant to me, I was able to deeply feel the pride and the joy. I think too often we force ourselves to push past important moments in our lives, brushing them off as if they are meaningless, when really, they’re not.

Life is challenging, difficult, and at times chaotic. Celebrating wins, whether big or small, is an important act of self-care. If we don’t take time to honor the things that go right in our lives, the things that go right will feel like they pass us by.

So this week I wish you share with you some truths I was reminded of this week about milestones:


…Life will always present to us important milestones, make sure you celebrate them, even when they feel small.

…Take pride in yourself, and in your life for what you’ve accomplished, even if you don’t feel like it’s enough.

…Know that your life and your work has impact and meaning, even if you can’t see it.

…Have gratitude for the things that go right, even when you feel like a lot is going wrong.

In closing, I just want to offer up my sincerest gratitude for all of you who choose to be with us, every day. Life is filled with choices, and I’m truly honored you’ve decided to be apart of our world.



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