Importance of Trying New Things


Trying New Things

I’m sure may of you, like me, are creatures of habit. When I get into a routine, I love to stick with it like clockwork. Wake up at this time, then work, then exercise, then eat, then sleep. Every day- the same routine, the same habits. It even goes deeper down to the type of yoga classes, types of foods, routes to work, and the list goes on. I am a creature of habit. Stepping outside of my comfort zone is not always the most appealing to me. Recently, I had an experience that really highlighted to me how important it is to try new things, and really step out of the box every now and then.

Months ago, on a whim, I signed up for a yoga retreat with a teacher that I had read about, followed a few classes on YouTube, and researched on social media. Other than that, I really had no connection to this person or this style of yoga, but she was coming to town and I figured, “hey why not?” Coming up to this retreat my mind really started going nuts. Why on earth would I sign myself up for this? I’m not going to know a single person and I’m probably not going to have any idea what to do. Using the spiritual tools that I keep for moments like this, I quieted my mind and told myself that I had signed up for this for a reason, and for some reason I was meant to go.

Boy, did I learn a lesson. This experience was really eye opening. It totally challenged everything I have learned about yoga, but in a good way. I learned to let go, and discovered that there are things in yoga I can do, that I never thought I was capable of. I was ecstatic and overjoyed and so incredibly surprised. It made me think to myself how important it is to try these new things every once in a while. Life is meant to be explored, and in that not to take things so seriously, not to be so rigid, and open up and see all that there is offered in this world. Change can be so therapeutic for us, on so many levels. We need this change of pace every once and a while, otherwise, our bodies go on autopilot, causing us to step out of the present moment. We receive so many benefits from breaking the routine and awakening our bodies and minds again.

So, how can you step outside of your comfort zone this week and try something new?

1. Try new foods. Your health and taste buds may thank you! Whether it is scanning the Internet for new recipes or checking out a restaurant that you’ve wanted to go to, but have never had the chance, make the time and explore!

2. Try new forms of physical exercise. Do you go to the same yoga classes every week? Mix it up! Try new teachers, new styles. Try totally different forms of exercise like hiking, boot camp, or Pilates. Find fun ways to move your body.

3. Explore new places. You don’t even have to travel far and wide to see someplace new. There are so many beautiful places in our own backyards that we tend to take for granted. Make it a point to explore.

What can you do this week to change things up in your life? Is there something you’ve wanted to try but have been too afraid to open up to it? Let us know!

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