How to Start Quieting Negative Thoughts


We have many, many thoughts every single day. Our brains are constantly thinking! Take a minute right now and try to notice or name the thoughts that you think about almost every day. How many of your thoughts are negative? I bet the answer is more than you even thought or would like to admit. I know my brain can go into negative autopilot, spiraling into even more negative patterns. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful; they have the ability to dramatically change our lives. The mind can be a difficult thing to try to control, but with simple tools, you can begin that switch from negative to positive. Much like training for a sport, you must practice. To train your mind to think positively, you must practice. If you’re looking to begin this practice of quieting your negative thoughts, here are some simple tools I use on a daily basis that help me along the way.

  1. Meditation. I try to start every single day with some form of meditation. A meditation practice doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths and just being in silence. I find that when I start my day in stillness and in peace, I set myself up for a more calm and centered day.
  2. Journaling. When I feel that my thoughts are getting the best of me, I open up my journal and free write. Journaling is a great tool to release negative or unproductive thoughts. Try adding this into your routine, allow yourself to write straight from the soul, without editing or overanalyzing the thoughts.
  3. Mantras/Affirmations Repetition. Your mind can only think one thought at a time. In this vain, your mind cannot think a negative thought at the time as a positive thought. This is why mantras and affirmations are so powerful; they are essentially replacing negative thoughts with positive or even neutral ones. I choose a few that I feel work for me and immediately go to them when I get stressed or upset, my mantra/affirmation practice has now become my positive thought autopilot!
  4. Reading for inspiration. Sometimes to calm my mind I like to get lost in a great inspirational book. I find reading words from others help lift me up and get my thoughts back on track. A great inspirational book with tips on calming the mind that I love is the The Practice.

I hope these simple tips are helpful for you in starting to dim down the negative thoughts of the mind! I’d love to hear what you do on a daily basis to stay positive! Let me know in the comments below!

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