How to live an authentic life

September 27, 2015

How to live an authentic life

If you live in the spiritual realm, you hear the word authenticity thrown around a lot. Which in reality, is wonderful. What does living authentically mean? In my opinion, it’s living in alignment with you highest sense of self. What does that really mean? Follow these tips below to find out more and to start living your authentic lives today!

1. Connect with yourself daily. So you can know what’s truly authentic to you, find a few moments every single day to sit in silence to connect with yourself. There is so much going on in the outside world, take a few moments to go inside, and see who you really are. It is through connecting with yourself that you will discover your purpose, sense of self, passions, and clarity on what you really want in life.

2. Release societal expectations. A natural habit is to want to live up to expectations of those around us. Many times we do, say, and believe things strictly because those around us influence us to. Break away from the norm, but in a sense that feels good for you. Allow yourself to release the pressure to live up to a certain ideal from others and choose to live up to your own authentic ideal.

3. Drop comparison and judgment. We know that comparing and judging isn’t great for life. But do we realize that when we do these things we take away from our true selves? When comparing, we try to be like others, and when judging, we feel not enough. Release these toxic ways of thinking and incorporate more compassionate, accepting, and loving ideals.

4. Follow what feels good. When you follow the steps above, you become in tune with your soul and your body. Start noticing what feels good for you, and follow it. Notice when you make poor decisions and how that feels. Notice when you feel lit up with joy. These feelings in the body will guide you towards living a truly authentic life.

I hope these tips get you on your way to living an authentic life! Let me know in the comments some of your secretes to living authentically!

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