How to Incorporate Meditation into Your Daily Activities


By now you know that it’s National Meditation Month. Hopefully along the way this month, you’ve received some insight on the benefits, importance, and tips on incorporating a meditation practice into your life. One of the biggest blocks that hinders people from sitting down to meditate is the lack of time. We are busy people with busy lives. It can feel like time is this elusive treasure that we are constantly chasing, and we are constantly looking for more. While I always recommend a dedicated, sit down, traditional meditation practice, I do believe there are other ways to incorporate a meditative mindset into our lives. Meditation can be beautifully woven into our day-to-day activities, if we give them the attention and presence they deserve.

Ultimately, meditation is about bringing us back to the present moment. Though we are taught that multi-tasking is the best way to be, living presently and focused is the true path to inner peace and outer success.

Here are some ways you can incorporate meditation into daily living, without any extra time out of your day!

Eating— Many of us eat while reading the paper or watching TV. However, you should give the food that nourishes your body attention and love! Not only will you feel more centered, you’ll also have more awareness of signals from your body telling you you’re full, what you’re craving, and much more, which ultimately leads to better health!

Driving— We all know the perils of distracted driving. When I was a kid learning to drive, my mom never let me listen to the radio while behind the wheel. She had a good point. When operating heavy machinery at high speeds, it’s so important to be mindful and fully present. Your safety and the safety of those around you depends on it!

Socializing— When you’re with other people, are you truly with them, or are you distracted? Make a dedicated effort to truly be with others. Look people in the eye, let them know that their presence is important to you. I promise you, your relationships will drastically improve.

Exercising— Allow your physical fitness to be your moving meditation. Connect with your mind, body, and breath.

Sleeping— Allow yourself to go into your sleep in a peaceful, present way. Try dropping technology or other distractions, and be with yourself as you let go of your day.

How do you incorporate meditation into your daily life? Let me know in the comments below!

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