How to Deal with the Holiday Stress

November 24, 2013

How to Deal with Holiday Stress

It’s here! The holiday season is upon us. Kicking off this celebratory time with Thanksgiving this week, we also enter into what can be one of the more stressful seasons of the year. In theory, holidays are meant to bring us joy, relaxation, and peace, but in reality this is not always the case. We can get bogged down with high expectations, family stresses, personal struggles, and job conflicts. Finding ways to manage stress throughout this period of time is so important. After all, the holidays are meant to be joyful, so why not find ways to truly enjoy them? This week we are going to go through the many avenues of stress we encounter throughout the holiday season, and what we can do to find peace amongst the chaos.

  1. Dissolving family stress. Spending time with loved ones can be difficult. Being around so many different personalities with long histories can bring up a lot of negative emotions. It is important when around family, to remember your self-care, and honor yourself when you feel like you need some alone time. Be proactive when going into situations with many people and set out a mental plan on what you can do for yourself if you get overwhelmed. Maybe pick a quiet spot where you can breathe for five minutes, or take a walk outside alone. Go into these situations knowing you have tools to create peace for yourself.
  2. Letting go of mental and physical stress. Holidays are a time with lots of food (sometimes not the healthiest options) and relaxation. Many of us stress ourselves out about gaining that holiday weight, and bring this negative mentality into the celebrations. This year, try to release these low energy thoughts about yourself and accept this period of time for what it is. Don’t get down on yourself if you eat too many sweets, have joy in the moment, be purposeful with what you put in your body, and know that this is a celebratory time that will not last forever.
  3. Releasing tensions at work. The end of the year can bring stress at the workplace with trying to complete many tasks in a short amount of time. To take advantage of all the time you have while at work, make sure you’re being fully present every day, and are getting ample rest and proper nourishment. You are so much more productive when you are taking care of yourself. Release the thought of not having enough time, and know that in the right mindset and in a clear head you can power through anything.
  4. Letting go of expectations. We hold high expectations for the holidays, from loved ones, to events, and even from ourselves. We put so much stress on ourselves in thinking that everything has to be perfect to be successful. Gently let go of the notion that you have to be in control of everything, and let your holiday be more relaxed. Go into your holidays with a curiosity and excitement that so many unexpected joys can arise if we just learn to let go a little.

How do you maintain composure throughout the holiday season? Are there any tips you have in letting go of these stresses? Let us know!

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