How to Deal with Indecision

March 12, 2016

How to Deal with Indecision

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing worse than being stuck in indecision. This is humorous to me because historically in my life, I suffer greatly from being very indecisive. I have made loved ones absolutely insane with inability to make decisions. Stemming from the smallest and most minute of what do you want to eat to the grandest and most life changing of where do you want to go to college or want to live; decision making has never been my forte.

So, because of this behavior, I have repeated the same “I don’t know how to make decisions” story for my entire life. Let me tell you, it’s exhausting, it’s unpleasant, and it’s really not an attractive energy to be around. Some of you might know what I mean!

The past few weeks I have been an indecisive maniac. I’ve been faced with some big life choices, and when the pressure was on, I couldn’t make any decisions. There are unlimited possibilities out there for us, and so we get caught in our heads shuffling through it all, trying to determine what is best for us. The unlimited possibilities factor is amazing. There is so much that life throws at us in a positive way that makes life interesting, adventurous, and a story worth telling.

This is until our pesky brains get involved! We all know our brains are so powerful. We would not be the species we are today without the power and capacity of the human brain. I have found that when the pressure is on, it is not our brains that can make major decisions; it is our hearts and our intuition. So if you are feeling like you’re stuck and can’t make a decision, take heart knowing you are not alone. Here are some of my tips on how to break free of the limbo nightmare.

1. Follow what feels good. Your body is usually a good barometer for what is truly in your best interest. Check in with yourself. What are the signs your body is giving you?

2. Try to take the time factor out of it. If you’re under the pressure of a time frame, try to release it. Time has a tendency of making us feel like we’re in a pressure cooker. Decisions made based on a pressured time frame tend to stem from fear, which usually doesn’t give us the outcome we so desire.

3. Give your brain a decision break. Agonizing over the pros and cons list for days on end won’t get you any closer to the answer. Give yourself a mental break by setting an intention to not think about the decision at hand. It could be a few hours or a few days. The space that your break gives you could bring the much needed clarity you desire.

4. If you’re stuck in the middle, maybe no decision is necessary at this time. Sometimes indecision can mean no decision. Not lit up by any of your options? Perhaps it’s simply a sign to keep things status quo for the time being.

5. Limit outside influences. When we feel stuck we reach out to those near and dear to us for advice. This is great, but it can also leave us feeling even more confused. Asking our confidants can be helpful, but keep in mind that ultimately, you are the only one who knows what’s truly right for you. Other people’s opinions have other people’s energies. Stay in alignment with your own truth.

6. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no. When all else fails, is it a hell yes? If not, then it’s probably a no. Make the decisions that light you up not bring you down.

What I know for sure is I love sharing what I have learned from my life experiences with all of you.

xoxo Michelle

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