How to Deal with Disagreements


As a natural part of life we bump into conflict and disagreements with friends, family members, and strangers. How to deal with disagreements and live a peaceful, harmonious, honest life can be our big challenge.

Generally speaking, I tend to shy away from confrontation and heated discussions, however, we are living in a world of great contrast and polarized views so these uncomfortable conversations and encounters seem to be happening more often than not.

If we know how to mindfully maneuver heated exchanges, I believe we would experience more peace and harmony in our lives and in the world.

My hope for you this week, is to offer up some practical advice to peacefully deal with confrontations, disagreements, and heated discussions. Conversations with different viewpoints are an important part of our society; we can learn to have them gracefully.

When faced with challenging situations here are my top five go-to’s for keeping the peace:

1. Approach the situation with love. Rather than going into a situation with anger and separateness, set an intention to be open and loving, remembering that we are all human beings.

2. Release judgment of the opposing side. Judgment of something that we do not agree with implies that our opinion is the only “true” opinion. We are all unique beings with unique thoughts and beliefs. Remember that it’s natural to have opposing views.

3. Shift your perceptions. Try viewing the situation differently. Try to imagine why this person thinks this way. Walk in their shoes. Be open to different view points. Your openness will ultimately soften the situation.

4. Speak with compassion. Even when there doesn’t seem to be any chance of seeing eye-to-eye, remember to continue speaking with love. Though it’s tempting to undercut and take digs, the outcome will always be better when you remain on the side of love. It is possible to speak clearly and with conviction without being hateful and incendiary.

5. Speak your truth, but accept the outcome. Don’t try to change someone else’s opinion, but rather speak from your highest sense of truth. Allow the other person to do the same, and be accepting if you are still not on the same page. We can love one another even when we don’t agree.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful the next time you experience a disagreement. Give one of them a try!

As I plan the blog for next week do you have a topic that’s coming up?  Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Michelle

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